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BASE: Male Ambrivan 1

Ambrivans are a closed species created by me, Lantiis aka E. Whittaker.

This is not a free base.
This is for AmbrivanSociety members only.
There are rules to follow when using this base.

About Adult Ambrivans
Adult tails extend past their bodies and drag on the ground. It is normal to see this and tails are rarely carried so they don't drag on the ground. Adults mate for life. It is unusual for adults to have relationships that are not monogamous. However, all types of relationships do exist among Ambrivans to some degree as not all Ambrivans are trying to find nor want a lifemate. Ambrivans were clothes that fit light to their bodies and flow away from them (normally - all types of fashion exist on Ambaran). Adults can be created in any gender with any body style/type - while the bases are male/female, you are not restricted. Follow the rarity trait guidelines for ears, eyes, gems, etc.

Trait Rarity Guidelines and Physiology/Lore/Gems
Ambrivan Trait Sheet by iLantiis  Ambrivan Physiology and LorePhysiology
Ambrivans are short, about 3'5" to 4'5" for females and, on average five inches taller for males. Adult petite or lean Ambrivan females weigh around 180 pounds, athletic or muscular female Ambrivans weigh around 200 pounds, and while not common, over weight Ambrivans do exist (males weigh 20-30 pounds more than females on average). Ambrivans can live for 150-180 years on average, with 1-20 being young, 21-50 being children, 51-80 being teenagers, 81-120 being adults, and 121-180 being elderly. Most Ambrivans do not live past 180 (tho some do - the oldest on record was 200).
Ambrivans are stout and do not injure easily. They jump high, run fast, but are clumsy in water without special training. They are hardy and do not suffer in the cold like some creatures do tho they overheat easily in the summer and fall. They get claustrophobic easily - they prefer wide open spaces... tho some have overcome this and work in mines or live in forests. Most Ambr

Some Adult Male Examples
Custom Ambrivan for Homura-kuroha by iLantiis  CLOSED OTA Purple Pretty Boy Adopt by iLantiis  CLOSED OTA Male Fatale Adopt by iLantiis

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