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Ambaran Calendar and Seasons/Holidays


Quick Start Guide

Ambrivans, Seresans, Haalomans, and Scrouse are a closed species created by me, Lantiis aka E. Whittaker.

A List of Holidays

Auroon: The Heartwarming Vigil
Julika: Adaisa's Day
Damaru: Erd's Blessing
Lith: The Burying of Eves
Lunata: The Festival of Tides

Info on the Calendar

3 Moons: Neburan, Noculous, Nutrite
8 months, 7 days a week, 368 days a year

Days of the Week (in relation to our weekdays)
1  Marki (Monday)
2  Trista (Tuesday)
3  Wasu (Wednesday)
4  Rano (Thursday)
5  Felise (Friday)
6  Tethy (Saturday)
7  Serhy (Sunday)

Months of the Year (in relation to our months)
1 Auroon (1 Dec - 15 Jan)
2 Risto (16 Jan - 5 Mar)
3 Julika (6 Mar - 15 Apr)
4 Damaru (16 Apr - 1 Jun)
5 Lith (2 Jun - 15 Jul)
6 Medoran (16 Jul - 31 Aug)
7 Lunata (1 Sep - 20 Oct)
8 Celestium (21 Oct - 30 Nov)

Seasons of the Year

Spring: Risto, Julika, Damaru
Lots of bloom and rain. Mild weather but more cloudy skies.
In the far North, this is still winter. In the far South, this is Summer in Julika and Damaru and mild winter in Risto.

Summer: Lith
Hot days, clear skies, light breezes - a great time to be alive even tho it doesn't last long.
In the far North, this is a mild winter aka spring.

Fall: Medoran
Some cloudy skies, blistery winds, and a slight chill in the air. Nature turns every color of the rainbow.
In the far North, this is Winter. In the far South, this is summer.

Winter: Lunata, Celestium, Auroon
Snowy, cold, overcast, and windy. Winters are mild for central Ambaran but are white-out conditions in the far North.
In the far South, this is fall with some flurries that don't stick around.

Winter most of the year, Spring for a month.

Summer and fall year round. Varying extremes that don't stick around long can happen tho.

Celestial Guide

Magic is stronger and much more WILD on days with New Moons, Full Moons, or any other celestial happening like planetary alignments, meteor showers, shooting stars, etc. Also, because of this, Ambrivans CAN create portals to nearby worlds during these events. The closer the planet, the easier it is to create a portal. Planetary Alignments paired with new or full moons prove to be the most potent combinations for Ambaran portals to work. Tho be wary, portals are only open for 24 hours... Don't let your Ambrivan get stuck on a nearby planet all alone...

Map of Ambaran by iLantiis

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