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Just staring off into space until my kiddo hollers at me ;3; I am a mama, artist, gamer, reverend, and USAF disabled veteran. Drop a comment, and I'll respond in kind.


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Taaffeite Starling and the Taaffeite Knight, part of CrystalAnimamates

My Little Crystal Pony: Taaffeite Starling
My Little Crystal Pony: Taaffeite Knight
Crystal Amazoness Taff Taff
Transformation Outro
Battle Intro
Mermaid Celeste
Maid Celeste
Running into Battle
Taaffeite Starling Crystal Starlight
Taaffeite Knight Crystal Starlight
Training Quest 3 - Free for All
CA Story Quest 14 - Revenge and Reinfocements
CA Side Quest 2 - Henshin Pose
CA Side Quest 6 - UPGRADE
CA Taaffeite Knight REF
CA Taaffeite Starling NEW REF n Bio

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Chompette Commission
Star and Cynthia
ArtFight - Raspberry Eclair
Mythic Calico Anniversary Prize
Sailor Sirius
Mammoth Sticker
Alethea and Madeleine
Pruitii and Family
Selvarr MYO Raffle Art
AP Celastrina
AP Cynthi
Attack on EthanVerGaming
AP Samuel for ArchGuardianAngel
Attack on Crystalberri
Attack on GummixFrog
Attack on LowTideSiren
Chibi Drachea on a Flower
AT Talia

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`The-Lantiis is a shining example of how to be a selfless deviant. From journals that inspire others to show respect within the community to deviations that encourage partipation in charitable events, Elizabeth always demonstrates that she has exactly what it takes to be a true deviant. But that's not all, let's not forget that Elizabeth is Founder of the fantastic #dAWishingWell Group, which is a must have addition to your devwatch if it isn't already there. We're very honored to bestow the Deviousness Award for November 2012 to `The-Lantiis, Congratulations!
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Wow, I had to delete my YT vids off my profile today as dA started autoplaying them. That was a chaotic mess!
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A wip I am working on - slowly but surely. For @CrystalAnimamates Story Quest 17. Not 100% happy with the vision, but it has also come out much better than I thought it would. So I'm overall happy with it.
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I'm a little bit behind in my art to-dos. I hate that - feels like an unfinished goal. Now I have a minimum of 6 arts to finish in Feb, and one happens to be huge lol
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Tysm for the watch!!! 💜💜💜

Sure thing! LOVE YOUR WORK! <3

Whoop looking amazing here!

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Thnx a lot for your support!

No problem! Your art is fantastic!

Thank you for your support! 😇

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