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Shortbread Cookie and Sugar Cube Cookie by MamaJebbunFanart Shortbread Cookie and Sugar Cube Cookie :iconmamajebbunfanart:MamaJebbunFanart 12 1 Mirror Glaze Cookie by MamaJebbunFanart Mirror Glaze Cookie :iconmamajebbunfanart:MamaJebbunFanart 13 2 Let's listen to the sea together by MamaJebbunFanart Let's listen to the sea together :iconmamajebbunfanart:MamaJebbunFanart 20 0 Rouge by MamaJebbunFanart Rouge :iconmamajebbunfanart:MamaJebbunFanart 36 2 Commission - Shennanigma by MamaJebbunFanart Commission - Shennanigma :iconmamajebbunfanart:MamaJebbunFanart 23 2 Splatuber - Octoboy by MamaJebbunFanart Splatuber - Octoboy :iconmamajebbunfanart:MamaJebbunFanart 8 0 Splatuber - Ectesona by MamaJebbunFanart Splatuber - Ectesona :iconmamajebbunfanart:MamaJebbunFanart 10 0 Splatuber - GG by MamaJebbunFanart Splatuber - GG :iconmamajebbunfanart:MamaJebbunFanart 14 1 Octoling Icon - Bun by MamaJebbunFanart Octoling Icon - Bun :iconmamajebbunfanart:MamaJebbunFanart 13 1 Cala Mari Fully Cooked by MamaJebbunFanart Cala Mari Fully Cooked :iconmamajebbunfanart:MamaJebbunFanart 138 5 Evil Off the Hook by MamaJebbunFanart Evil Off the Hook :iconmamajebbunfanart:MamaJebbunFanart 97 4 Spicy Calamari by MamaJebbunFanart Spicy Calamari :iconmamajebbunfanart:MamaJebbunFanart 186 3 Evil Marie by MamaJebbunFanart Evil Marie :iconmamajebbunfanart:MamaJebbunFanart 158 6 Percival Pendulum by MamaJebbunFanart Percival Pendulum :iconmamajebbunfanart:MamaJebbunFanart 11 5 Oliver and Shannon Undercut by MamaJebbunFanart Oliver and Shannon Undercut :iconmamajebbunfanart:MamaJebbunFanart 10 1 Evil Callie by MamaJebbunFanart Evil Callie :iconmamajebbunfanart:MamaJebbunFanart 208 11



Shortbread Cookie and Sugar Cube Cookie
I made Shortbread first and then went hey… I really would love a Sugar based cookie. The Sugar Cube was born!

Shortbread Cookie is a teacher. She teaches younger cookies and is very protective. She can get shy around people her age though. Her pet is Dizzy Cube. The reason Shorty has a Sugar Cube as a pet cause Shortbread biscuits are coated with sugar more than chocolate. Shortbread's weapon is a book, she creates book jellies and Dizzy makes cookies have a fast boost when nearly exhausted.

With Sugar Cube Cookie I was inspired by Snow Sugar Cookie and real Sugar Cookies. It’s probably the only reason he has Sprinkles. Sugar Cube is a fashion designer. His weapon is scissors when he had the energy he blasts and slashes through the stage. Sprinkles, his pet, Causes colorful sprinkle explosions at a given interval, destroying obstacles and creating Basic Jellies.

Art/Rp Blog - @dizzy-cube

Friend Code - MYYTH6871
Cookie Wars Name -Jebbun

Art was made and uploaded on Aug 15th, 2018

Mirror Glaze Cookie

This is my third Cookie Run OC. She based on a version of my bee character Elrea. Someone wanted a Space AU version of her and I made Bianca cater to that. I'm gonna link the original upload post at the bottom since I'm constantly uploading on Tumblr.

She doesn't have a weapon but does have a pet. Her name is Glazey.  Mirror Glaze special makes the floor slippery and she slides on it. (Bit like Ice skating cookie only as a special) Glazey activates a magnetic aura for jellies when she is ready. Mirror would be S Rank cookie.

Art/Rp Blog - @dizzy-cube

Friend Code - MYYTH6871
Cookie Wars Name -Jebbun
Art was made and uploaded on - Aug 17th, 2018

Let's listen to the sea together

“If you are lonely you can listen to the sea with me.”

Been seeing so much Sea Fairy and Peppermint artwork that I had to join in. I think people’s headcanon is Sea gave Peppermint his shell? Or that she is his mother? I’m new so I don’t know much about the whole thing.

They are really beautiful designs though. Oh! And since Sea Fairy is a fairy I gave her a lapis lazuli water wings. It’s forming from her hair.


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Bbaltierra Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You are an amazing artist.:) (Smile) 
MamaJebbunFanart Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2018
Thank you <3
PopRocking Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2018
Oh my gosh!!! Thank you for the watch! :0 your art is stunningly detailed!!! ♡
Chasey-Doodles Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
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