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[ F2U ] BNHA Uniform Bases - Male and Female

By Mama-Choco
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So i did some BNHA adopts yesterday and i was trying to see if there were any bases for it, and I only found like 1? Idk if i didnt look hard enough but anyways, decided to make my own! And its free to use for all! (Though donations are always welcomed eue) 


>Please credit me in the description every time you use this base!
>You can manipulate this base in any way you want! Just do not claim it as yours.
>You can trace over the base if my lineart is too thick for your liking! BUT DO NOT CLAIM AS YOURS!
>You CAN use these to make points/money adoptables.
>You CAN use these for non-adopts, like commissions, trades, to draw an OC on it. BUT you must still credit me!
>May use outside DA but you MUST send me a note or comment in the description!!


• Sai file: Sai file - BNHA bases

• PNG colored version:  BNHA bases - PNG
• JPG colored Version: BNHA bases - JPG

• PNG uncolored: PNG uncolored
• JPG uncolored: : JPG uncolored

• Just lines - Trasparent : transparent version - Just lines 

ALSO feel free to use the POSE as a base as well! But you still gotta credit me :3

Enjoy everyone ~ TSU ICON (F2U)  
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© 2018 - 2020 Mama-Choco
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CaptainKieranNew Deviant

Using this in the adoptables amino! Won't forget to credit you!

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BeanBeepHobbyist Digital Artist

Hi sorry but where can we find the pose versions of it w/out the watermark on them to use for a base too?

Mama-Choco's avatar

all the files are in the description

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BeanBeepHobbyist Digital Artist

I don't see the poses on any of the files unless it's the SAI version, nothing shows for that one

Mama-Choco's avatar

there are links to the jpg and png version of them too.

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Ashy-ColeStudent Artist

Hello! Would it be alright to use these for adopts on the My Hero Academia Animo?

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yes! just make sure to credit me

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I don't know why, but I am currently unable to download anything from stash, it always say that there is an error even if I refresh or open on another page.
Could you maybe make a mediafire/dropbox or drive download of the transparent lines ad well as the .png colored version?
Mama-Choco's avatar
I could but probably not right now! Im a bit busy atm with other things QWQ i'll let you know when I do though! Thanks for letting me know. And i think its cuz DA is shutting down stash soon so its kinda wonky atm
Annu-Adopts's avatar
Sorry for the spam, but I am simply saying after I waited for hours, i refreshed again and was able to download them before it broke again lol
So you dont have to make a download unless if you wish to
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Oh thats great! thanks for letting me know!
Annu-Adopts's avatar
No need to be now, just do it when you can ^^

Yeah, that could be the reason. I do believe they should keep it but eh, I guess they don't like it.
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ty for letting me know! 
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geminianDualitiesStudent General Artist
You’re welcome! Your base is really nice to use.
GreencatAdopts's avatar
Ooop, sorry I'm probably flooding your notifications O.O

I made a BNHA Gatcha and am using this base for it,, would you prefer me not to link you to every adopt I make? <33
I'm so so sorry ooofff XD
Mama-Choco's avatar
Haha it's fine! You can link me. I would love to see the designs
GreencatAdopts's avatar
Ok cool! <33 Thank you so much for making this awesome base!!! <333 :D
Pumkin-Syrup's avatar
Pumkin-SyrupStudent General Artist
might use
nebtunes's avatar
nebtunesHobbyist Digital Artist
bruHh I find this literally right after I use a chibi one that was ehhhh
smhhh I’ll definetly use in my next adopts
Mama-Choco's avatar
xDDD glad you liked it! Have fun with the bases :3
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DashieFullbusterHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm gonna be using this on Amino, if that's okay with you. I'll link back here
Mama-Choco's avatar
alright! thanks for letting me know
Bird03t's avatar
Bird03tHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm gonna use this on an amino if thats ok :00,, I'll credit and link back here uwuwu
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