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OFFICIAL TOS/POLICY: (This is completely updated and my terms as of 2019)
My worklist/queue:
ToS/Price Guide/Commission Form:

Do NOT commission me if you're not willing to wait. My minimum wait time is 2 months.

Complex BGs prices can include BGs, weapons, accessories, clothing, etc. depending on the commission.
All prices are subject to change regarding all commissions.
I will charge more depending on detail and complexity. 
Just because I have cheap prices listed does not mean my work does not exceed 100$+ !

I don't do non-publishable/postable commissions. 
No I will not make my watermark cover my entire work. Ever. 
I've done it before and it still got stolen. I'm tired of making my work ugly. 

I have a right to decline any commission I want without explanation. 
My style is cartoony. If that's not your speed than I'm not the best match! 
Sometimes my busts look more realistic, but not guaranteed.

I prefer drawing girls and certain themes (like: fashion, witches, plants, candy gore, pin ups, and emotional fantasy). 
I don't do character reference sheets anymore. Sorry!

No NSFW; Any questions? Ask away. 

1. LINEARTS / TIER A disclaimer; there are no WIPS. They are free game/range for me to be creative and enjoy my trade. That one reason why they're so cheaply. I will follow your reference to a T (at least I'll try to, to the best of my ability), and you can suggest themes/songs/poses/ideas, etc. But I have free reign over that type of commission. Changes to the final product have a fee of 1$-3$ depending on the change. If it's my error I'll fix it for free. Markings are not included - this is just lineart and a color base for posting. You get the lineart as well as that version and you're always free to upgrade your commission as long as I have a lineart png file to work from. Be sure to save it.

2. No EXPLICIT NSFW. Anything Explicit will be rejected. SFW anthro nudity is A-okay and I am fine with women in artistic/tasteful nudity. No phallic items - males will not be shown with bulges. I am not opposed to BDSM themes like leather, chokers/chains, latex (mainly attire). I only do SFW commissions as of now. 

3. I like having artistic freedom. So, my final shaded/painted product is sometimes more detailed, sometimes less - depending on the character at hand, the scene, etc. I like this to be MY artistic liberty. Please understand that before commissioning me. This is mainly because although my anatomy style stays the same, sometimes my coloring style changes at will depending on my mood and my artistic vision for a commission. But the quality no matter the final product, will almost always be the same. I basically color how I want. So if you want something specific and consistent you'll have to find someone else.

4. Prices are subject to change depending on detail. Details - such as patterns, elaborate designs, color schemes. Fees pertaining to no reference for a particular character (as in, no reference sheet or clear image, visual obstruction, or written detail) is a case by case basis. Fees for armor and weapons are case by case. Basic armor starts at 15$ and basic weapons start at 15$. Most fees are case by case. But are often negotiable.

I will charge extra or fully decline characters with overly bright/saturated/out there designs. I need to see all characters and approve them first before I accept your commission. It does not mean your design is bad. My eyes are very sensitive to certain color clashes (namely red/blue, green/red, and yellow/green) and I've put myself first from now on. If I can not do your commission, I might direct or help you find someone who can. Go here to see my commission form and what I do and do not accept character wise:
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RoximaCheshire's avatar
Uh I think I looked over all your information and I saw your profile had like colored chibi sketches? I’d love one of those but I’m not sure you take them ;0;
Mama--Owl's avatar
im not sure what you're talking about - send me a link to what you mean and i can tell you!
Mama--Owl's avatar
It would be a tier B chibi on this sheet; my linearts just changed to a cleaner version - it's not really a sketch, I just had sketchy lines, haha.
RoximaCheshire's avatar
Oooh ok
If you don’t mind I ask... would you do a flat color sketch?
Mama--Owl's avatar
well - your profile says you're only 14, so im afraid i'll have to decline on that! minors can't commission me, it's against my tos <3 im sorry!
RoximaCheshire's avatar
Oh ok then sorry about that
Code-Shark's avatar
Howdy, you have such a unique style, very detailed and passionate. I would love to commission a piece from you. ^^
Mama--Owl's avatar
You've commissioned me before sweetpea, ahaha. You never got back to me with that other idea you had in mind! So I thought you'd changed your mind. : ) 
Code-Shark's avatar
Oh no! D: I am so sorry - I honest have no good explanation there. Well then, there is only one thing to do.

I shall put a note together and get it off to you promptly. ^^
NinjaChrono985's avatar
Hello, May  I note you about a commission ? I am unsure if the character in question would be one that you would accept :(
Mama--Owl's avatar
Sure! Everyone can always note and inquire about specifications. 
I don't mind - I'd rather people ask than never know! :> 
NinjaChrono985's avatar
Thank you very much :3 I will be sure to note you right away ^^
A-Paper-Fox's avatar
omg can i note you for a tier C bust?
Mama--Owl's avatar
Sure! Just be aware I have a big queue so the wait is a little while. 😌
A-Paper-Fox's avatar
thats alright, do you have a queue page or trello i can follow?
A-Paper-Fox's avatar
Oh my! what a work load! I am so impressed, would it be easier if i waited?
Mama--Owl's avatar
Honestly, it depends! It wouldn't be hard on me at all. It'd just be a wait on your end. 
But my queue is usually continuously being filled. People usually reserve a spot in advance. 
A-Paper-Fox's avatar
Id love to reserve a spot for my birthday :) March 15th
Virus-Esmia's avatar
Omg those eyes are amazing <3
XxWhisperxX13's avatar
 >...> i just wanna say i love ur art style and i hope i can commissoin you one day >..<
Black-Rayal's avatar
you don't do NSFW?
-Vader Intensifies- "You don't know the power of the dark side!"
Mama--Owl's avatar
I drew porn for two years while in college. 
I don't do it anymore. 
Please don't comment such things towards me, thank you. 
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