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preview2 malys - deda GTK2,GTK3 + GS theme + Icons

By malysss
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.....finalize it started, and I add new icons, it should be done at the end of January.....
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I bow...Once again,you're the man
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Really nice, is it awn on the top?
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not :) it's still GnomeShell.... ,thanks..
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You're welcome, amazing anyway :)
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There is no point in having a beautiful theme if it is buggy or doesn't work with certain applications.

Malys rought is a great theme but do not work with nautilus 3.6 (In ubuntu enable gnome 3 team ppa). And the developer don't even respond to the comments. Silly, that.
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Because in Gnome 3.6 in Ubuntu 12.10 nautilus is still 3.6 but there is only Nautilus 3.4.2 and there it works properly. And the newly released Ubuntu 13.04 will be remade, I do it for free, and good will, and I do not have much free time (also working thereby earning money) so that you understand ....
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You are doing fantastic work, but don't leave gnome users behind.

Only ubuntu uses nautilus 3.4. Not everyone uses ubuntu and even many ubuntu users use proper gnome (nautilus 3.6). If it doesn't work with 3.6, don't say it is gnome 3.6 theme.

Also when ubuntu 13.04 comes out, we will use gnome 3.8. Please make it work with gnome 3.8.
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I am a user UBUNTU 12.10 and I'm doing all for free! When I do I get to NAUTILUS 3.6 is only just my choice and I see no reason for him to go right now. Now I do not have much free time to devote to it. Thank you for your understanding....
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Look great ;) Hope you realease it soon !
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thank you, maybe the end of the month :)
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Really good work :)
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Looking good! :)
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Always a pleasure seeing what you're up to. :)
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We're trying to recapture it has to be always original :D
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Great shot Malys, very nice work. ;-)
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Looks very nice Malys. Keep up great work :)
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