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malys - unisex 2.3


if you like my work, I'll be glad you will support me, thank you...


► GTK2 - you must first install latest gtk2-engine-pixbuf
► GTK3 - & latest gtk3-engines-unico

sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-pixbuf
sudo apt-get install gtk3-engines-unico


► Extracted a package zip und tar, folder
► Go to terminal ► sudo nautilus
► folder themes to insert the / usr / share / themes

► Go to Gnome Tweak Tool and settings theme


► sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/malys-themes
► sudo apt-get update
► sudo apt-get install malys-unisex-clear
► sudo apt-get install malys-unisex-gray
► sudo apt-get install malys-unisex-white

License: GPLv3

FIX = colors text & backround


Please report bugs and / or suggestions....


© 2012 - 2021 malysss
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Hello Malysss
for the first time in eight years a graphical theme gives me a beautiful display of Inkscape and Office. Exactly, Unisex is number one, sometimes the user does not understand the concept and is carried away by their own tastes. thanks
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I'm glad you like :)
This doesn't seem to be in the repository anymore.
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it is only in ubuntu 12.04 (-3.4 gnome ) .... gnome 3.6 + it is not possible ...
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And i mean all of them from revolt(s) to these
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Your themes are perfect as usual...but won't show properly on Gnome shell 3.6.1
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I know it has to be revised, only works correctly malys-rought 2.0
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Great ! looks decent and graceful!!
I like it ....
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This is my favorite theme so far. Would love to see it for firefox too. ;)
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thanks ... you just have to try as personas? I'm on a time-too well :) Maybe someone will
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forgot link. Here's what i'm seeing: [link]
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You must update to newer minimally GS 3.4.1
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awesome maylss. In the mean time i'm playing with your glass-art them and i love it

Using malysss-unisex, rows (in evolution for instance) are all white text on white fields. The scrollbars are all big and just white. I'm assuming that was not your design and that it's just because i'm using something that's tool old (on Gentoo). What version of the unico engine and gtk3 do i need to see this theme as intended?

Here's a screenshot of what i'm seeing using unisex-grey and the default glass-art theme.
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Always the latest version unico engine 1.0.2-0ubuntu1
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I love this theme! It's just beautiful. I think i'll change the scrollbars to a darker color as that white seems very bright to me.

Also, and i think this is just because of the design, when you have a terminal open or something that does not have a menu or icon bar the window decoration just make a flat bar that looks a bit odd. Not sure what you'd do about that.

Any chance of getting a matching theme for gnome-shell? *looks at you with a kitten's expression*
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just what time will the update just waiting to be released new UBUNTU I do not have to do twice :)
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Really like this style
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I'm glad you like it :)
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thank you, I'm glad you like it...
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Nice theme but, manual installation is a bit buggy :(

When I install the theme by clicking the "install" button it's ok
But, when I click on the theme it sait to me that the theme "malys-uniSEX" is missing.
If I rename the folder "malys-uniSEX(clear)" to "malysuniSEX" it's better but, then is missing "malys-MTC" .. And I don't know where I can get "malys-MTC"

By the way, the same problem appear with the theme "malys-universal" [link]

minus this little bug, your theme are pretty cool :)
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