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malys - uniblue update 11.09.2012

By malysss
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Until the bug fix on deviantART when not recording. "" in ". zip" download from this link or via the PPA

DOWNLOAD - [link]

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if you like my work, I'll be glad you will support me, thank you...


► Extracted a package zip und tar, folder
► Go to terminal ► sudo nautilus
► folder icon to insert the / usr / share / icons

► Go to Gnome Tweak Tool and settings icons theme


► sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/icons
► sudo apt-get update
► sudo apt-get install malys-uniblue

License: GPLv3

Please report bugs and / or suggestions....




update 11.09.2012 = update icons & script

update 09.05.2012 = add new 15 icons

22.04.2012 UPDATED - ADDED 60 new ICONS
FIX = Missing ICONS
FIX = reworked some old ICONS
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I know these are old, but is there any way I could request the PNGs? I'm on Windows and would like to use them in my dock.
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I love these ones!
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Is possible to install this theme on KDE?
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can not install KDE it would have to restate :)
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Hi. How do i fix the panel icons? after updating, the panel icons goes back to default, i would like your icons to replace that.
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They should now be black is not it?
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What ever happened to the panel icons? They are black Ubuntu default one now. Yours were way better. :/
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I set smaller dimensions, and gave the panel a classic :)-time remake on blue and black without the circle
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See how it looks like now: [link]
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One more bug: the VLC and the Spotify in the top bar also show-up in their original icons, and not the theme Icons.
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Great Icons! uniblue and uniblack both.

Some missing Icons:/bugs:
Sublime-text - A text-editor becoming more and more popular by the day.
Dropbox and the battery icons in the indicator panel still show the unity default icons.

Do a chrome icon similar to firefox with colors, and not just blue!
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Thanks for the info, just what I'll tell the time.)
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So pretty... saw these in a screenshot and I had to have them C:<
Gnome ftw ;)
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Boom!!! Love it!
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BOOM!!! Love it!
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thanks I like it
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I'm glad you like it
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