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malys - ex update19.07.2012

Until the bug fix on deviantART when not recording. "" in ". zip" download from this link or via the PPA

DOWNLOAD - [link]

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if you like my work, I'll be glad you will support me, thank you...


► Extracted a package zip und tar, folder
► Go to terminal ► sudo nautilus
► folder icon to insert the / usr / share / icons

► Go to Gnome Tweak Tool and settings icons theme


► sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/icons
► sudo apt-get update
► sudo apt-get install malys-ex

License: GPLv3


update 19.07.2012
ADD = malys folder
FIX = "24" small icons
FIX = cca 50 new icons


Please report bugs and / or suggestions....

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© 2012 - 2021 malysss
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are they having gradients? If not pls submit them to my group
Thanks for this theme. I absolutely love it, but the the incorrect file extensions is causing a problem with an application I use.

Many of the icons have .svg extensions even though they are actually .png files. This breaks applications that might load icons based on their extension. It also seems to cause problems for Unity.

Please rename all actual PNG files to have a .png extension. I have written a script to automate this ([link]).

cd $HOME/.icons/malys-ex
bash ~/Downloads/
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You're welcome :) SVG I have therefore to be hard to duplicate my work ... SVG is adjusted so that it could only be opened in GIMP. PNG drive I had a problem but did it in Gnome shell crashes constantly, so I decided to SVG.
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hey man, great work, I think you should update this icon pack and make some new icons
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I'm not sure what you meant by that, but I hope you'll update this icon pack more frequently by icons like Gnome Tweak Tool, f.lux, Pragha, Gcolor2, Gnome Disks, Variety, SimSu, etc.
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yes I will update as soon as I have some free time ...
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awesome work!!!!
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My Pleasure :D
i use it and work fine on my archlinux and Fedora 17 :D Thanks :woohoo:
Some icons are missing, you can request FDouble, or collaborate?
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Write me an application that is missing and I will add it if possible :)
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For archlinux = Yaourt-gui ,zenmap,dasher and classic games for gnome .
for fedora, you do one more time.
Thanks in advance,
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classic games ? which there too.)
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the classic games that are installed along with gnome ... I do not know to translate the names of the games, ... however is not a problem:D
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So look at the properties "about" those games, or to / usr / share / applications in Ubuntu I have remade all but I do not know who are in the Fedora
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These icons are amazing! Very impressive. Thanks for your work :)
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Thank you for Praise :d
no puedo descargar estos icon ....
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que sube las escaleras sólo tiene que descargar, haga clic en "Download File"
Awesome work, i will try it when there is a KDE version.
Keep up your work!
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thanks, if many free time so it is
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