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Spinosaurus . Andrea Kay version



Unexpected reconstruction suggested Italian paleontologist . Traditionally portrayed as clever predator with a sail on his back, in his interpretation of the ancient predator was more like a heavy and clumsy sauropod . The arguments for this unexpected solutions specialist Vertebrate Paleontology cited a number of arguments. For example , the muzzle Spinosaurus was very long , but at the same time light and rigid , like all long-necked theropods . And in this it resembles the sauropods . In addition, both groups were poorly developed nasal bone.
The vertebral bodies rather elongated, and the spine itself , seems to have been quite long . Just like a sauropod . Spinous processes of the vertebrae are very high, and probably served to secure long longitudinal muscles that support the body . Approximately the same picture emerges in some Diplodocus .

In light of these data, it would be logical to assume that the neck Spinosaurus , much longer than that of other large theropods , the transition to a broad and elongated breasts , and a long tail balanced the front half of the body. If these assumptions are correct , then the length of Spinosaurus than 20 meters and could easily reach 23 meters, and the weight was certainly more than 15 tons.
With such a load hind paws had to have a short columnar shape. Neither of which the legs bent at the knee , as is usually portrayed these theropods , out of the question , of course , can not . Spinosaurus legs were short and thick , the scientists conclude .
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