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Very cool! Голова на акрокантозавровую очень похожа.
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Awesome work! I've lost myself within its eye. Really majestic
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Very cool. The shape of the skull is very Acrocanthosaurus like. I was really thrilled to hear about the discovery of this new species. The detail on the scales and the shading is excellent.
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Probably because is based on Acrocanthosaurus, Siats doesn't preserve any skull bones, it's only 5 dorsals (only one of which is complete, the others are either neural archs or centra), 13 caudals (as fragmentary as the dorsals) some chevrons, a piece of fibula an incomplete ilium, a piece of ischium and some pedal phalanges.
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I knew that, since I've read the paper. ;) Although the authors say it's actually closer to Neovenatoridae than Carcharodontosauridae. Still, I love Acrocanthosaurus so I don't mind your choice of design for it. :D
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Damn it haha sorry, I read my comment again and I realize I sounded asshole-ish.
Good pic but of course this picture is very speculative since no skull material was found.
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