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Sciurumimus albersdoerferi

Sciurumimus albersdoerferi.
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That may be the cutest thing to ever rip somebody's face off. Well done!
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hooray for current science advancement! i was so excited about this find that it changed my entire view of non-coelurosaur theropods. this is the greatest find since archaeopteryx and the feathered dinos of china
Kazuma27's avatar
A megalosaur? Or maybe a coelurosaur? Aah, who cares, it's cute either way :D
Cleopatrawolf's avatar
Oh my goodness he is adorable!! :iconadorableplz::iconsparklesplz:
I love it, fantastic job! :dummy:
RickCharlesOfficial's avatar
And the paleoart starts flowing in with every major new discovery!
SporemasterHIMPO's avatar
Oh yeah that's the new dino. I did research of it today! I just don't get why it's called mimus, that makes it confusing, because it belong to the megalosauroidea not the ornithomimosauria.
But great work. This is awesome!
Heytomemeimhome's avatar
The name means squirrel mimic , because of its bushy tail...not every thing that ends in raptor is a dromeosaur either..
SporemasterHIMPO's avatar
Yeah dude I know...did you see that my comment was two years old jeez
RickCharlesOfficial's avatar
Names don't necessarily mean anything. You could call a new tyrannosaur "Minidromeus" and it wouldn't make a difference.
SporemasterHIMPO's avatar
bubblekirby's avatar
Its name means squirrel mimic because of its bushy tail. Kind of funny if you think about it considering it was just a baby when it died and it would of grown MUCH larger and have become the top predator XD
SporemasterHIMPO's avatar
Oh yeah thanx for reminding. How could I forget that mimus meant mimic. Just like in the name of Suchomimus ''crocodile mimic''
FlyingLion76's avatar
Very greatly detailed.
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