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Dilophosaurus with air pockets

By MALvit
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One of my favorite dinosaurs is the Dilophosaurus. This guy was entrenched in the minds of people thanks to "Jurassic Park" as a venom-spitting animal, like a lizard. Despite this, recent studies have shown that the animal was much closer to birds than previously thought.It’s such a stunning animal. It has those two thin bony crests running along the top of its skull, basically from the nostril and back over the eye socket.Despite being built of thin bone, this crest, which is “unique in its construction,” was reinforced with a honeycomb of air pockets to strengthen and protect it. Air pockets continue through the braincase and other bones of the skeleton, hinting at how Dilophosaurus’ ancestors developed lighter skeletons. This allowed the animals to attain greater sizes without being crippled by their own weight, becoming North America’s first large meat-eating dinosaurs.The spaces in the crest—which join up with the animal’s nasal passages—may have even been attached to inflatable air sacs for display, potentially of the type seen in modern frigate birdsin this form .I decided to portray him. However, the theory will have to be tested by other paleontologists using the newly published anatomical data
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IvryHoundNew Deviant
"Save some air for me." *Cough *
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ByTheGalaxiesHobbyist Artist
Some sexy ass airsacs
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MelodicChronicProfessional Traditional Artist

Very cool work!

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Lord-CriosHobbyist Digital Artist

Awesome, i love it

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TheWatcherofWorldsStudent Digital Artist

What a handsome boi

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MetalAmethystHobbyist Traditional Artist

I wonder if they were capable of producing low frequency sounds through their air sacs? Just a hypothetical question.

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I think ,if they were that ,it been very primitive sounds
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RaptorDaptor47Student Artist
Looks like guanlong
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FlappyFoxHobbyist Traditional Artist

Yeah venom is cool, but have you tried airsacs?

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EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist

awesome and interesting :D

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draenei-friendHobbyist General Artist

I'd imagine a potential mate would be like, "Howdy there! Such handsome air pockets you have!"

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Yea for some reason I always liked the idea of Dilophosaurus having air sacks

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