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Fire Dragon

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awesome work and details Woohooooo! !!!! Reminds me of the Deathwing in world of warcraft..!
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Looks fearsome.
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Impressive! You did an amazing job with the scales on the dragon's body, and that wings, claws and horns are simply perfect!Clap  This is something that you don't want to see in front of you.:D (Big Grin) 
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Thanks :)

XDDD it would be interesting waking up and going to the window to see the weather and find him watching you ^^
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Now an't this a beauty
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"On this day humanity received a grim reminder..."
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Now, if Alduin or the Archdemon looked more like this, I'd have been terrified. =P I really love the texture you've added to this. It's more of a tribute to those who pioneered fantasy art, not the new stuff like... heh... Stawicki. A friend of mine told me it's like he just gives up half way. Your sense of visual balance, color choices, lighting, and contrast are all things that inspire me when I see art like this. It isn't over-baked Romanticism.
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Thanks!! You mean Mathew Stawicki?
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Yes. I've always felt WotC downgraded their covers when updating them with his work. Elmore's a legend, while the other is just... in a hurry. That's how it's always felt to me.
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Uhm, yes, i like Matheu Stawicki's art. industry always want you to work faster and faster, i think they preffer a fast work than a good one sometimes. But you know, world is ruled by money not by beauty :)
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His art is good, but Elmore was doing it for decades before him and was doing well. I simply found it silly to "update" the covers when Elmore's work is clearly superior. I didn't say I don't like Matthew Stawicki's art. I just hate that it always looks half-finished. Adding surface texture doesn't have to be a complicated process, and when one is at that level, one learns tricks to streamline one's work.
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I understand you, Elmore, Cadwell... did a great job in D&D and i have an special feeling about this artists... My first artbook was about DragonLance and i passed a lot of time watching their illustrations and copying them when  i was a teenager, good times :)

About Stawiki's D&D art, maybe is what D&D wants, i really don´t know. But i have seen something similar happening with Magic the Gathering..
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Wizards of the Coast has been... well "coasting" on the popularity of classic D&D content. They've screwed over Weiss & Hickman and Paul S. Kemp, but the latter is a lawyer so I'd love to see them try. They're going to ruin a good thing because they're becoming more worried about a numbers game than putting out what long time fans have loved. It only seems natural that everything else by Wizards is suffering.
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Uhm, i really don´t know what Wizards are doing now, i'm more focussed on the art aspect. You know, i have no time to play D&D games and there has been a long time since i red DragonLance books. I have to say that some weekends that i have some time, i still play videogames that remember me those kind of games like Divinity, Might and Magic... I noticed that they will release a turn based RPG in the Forgottem Realms universe and i hope i will play it :)
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Buen trabajo con las escamas del cuello y las alas :)
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