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Scrooge McDuck 911 Was An Inside Job 1

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Yes this is true there is a Scrooge McDuck Comic that is foreshadowing 9/11 the comic was written and drawn by Don Rosa one of the greatest Disney writers and artists ever and the name of the comic is Attack Of The Hideous Space-varmints and it was written in the year 1997 about 4 years before the September 11 attack and after Osama Bin Laden was killed today I thought that it was about time that I posted this online I have seen allot of 9/11 conspiracy films online one of em even claimed that Jackie Chan was behind the attack but I think that Scrooge is a way better suspect because looks like a person that knows to use mass panic to gain money and if you think that this comic is scary then there is another Scrooge comic that I don't know the title of but in it Scrooge finds out of that he owns Manhattan Island for some weird reason and that includes the World Trade Center towers and there is a scene where he wants to turn the towers to a popcorn factory yes this is true and I hope that someone of you knows the title of the comic so that I can find it and you guy's should really read some of Don Rosa's comics because they are just freaking awesome
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So you drew this?
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No it was drawn by Don Rosa
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So why is it on your DeviantArt account? :/
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I posted the comic page because I wanted to do something 9/11 related because Osama Bin Laden had just bin killed at the time and also because I wanted to mention one of my all time favorite Disney comic writer and artists
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So Scrooge decided to deliver a crushing blow to Wall Street in order to cripple the American economy on which his own fortune is based....

Well, I guess it makes more sense than looking for buried treasure on the moon.
Oh, that wacky duck!