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Maria Franz - Heilung

By MalthusWolf
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Got hooked when I first listened to Krigsgaldr, never heard anything like this. She's the main vocalist and I really loved her costume. Love how they use all sorts of items as percussion like bones, shields and just to name another, a hand full of small bells. xD Here they are live:…

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Nagyon benne van a hangulat! Imádom ezt a zenekart! :)

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Köszönöm! Én nagyon rájuk kattantam xD
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I have the lyrics & vid in one of my journals. Great job on this. Looks just like her from Lifa.
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Thank you! Love the lyrics, it never fails to bring me into a trance state of mind when I listen to it.
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I love her! and I love Heilung!
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You and me both!Jumping High-Five - NaNoEmo Day 11 
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Wow that music is epic - so strange and primeval, thanks for the suggestion! Must be awesome to see them live.

Your artwork catches the atmosphere of the music very well, good job!

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Thank you very much! ^_^ I really feel like I'm looking into a portal to another world when I see them, so much inspirational power it has. Also, the drums make me want to ride a giant wolf into battle lol!
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haha you're right, the drums are epic :D I'll definitley listen to more of their music Viking Dummy

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They really are!
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Over the past few years i 'found'....they werent lost lol, european folk-metal, then folk and am enjoying something i had never knew existed. There is a very interesting culture and myth and legend that we didnt have easy access to when i was a kid. But now I do. 
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Most definitely! It's always so inspiring to stumble upon such gems. :)
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 I've been finding that quite abit of what the major studios crank out in film and music is just pure crap. Many times its the lesser knowns who create so beautifully. I'm also coming to really appreciate foreign film. E European and Russian studios do some terrific movies and series related to their past. 
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It's a precedent many of us see as well I'm sure. Mostly because these industries that we could call more creative used to be run by artists that had a vision and were also able to execute on it. Now many of these are replaced by businessmen and corporate interests that want to cash in even if it means that they have to ruin a beloved franchise or something along those lines.
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I worked for target long ago managing the entertainment etc. This was right after brit Spears became big and there were alot of copycat acts the studios were bringing up. My buyer said thats the way they do it. they create a talent and then run out alot of copycats trying to hit big with one and ride the success of the main one. Then the studios complain about their sales...when its their own fault for turning out crap lol. I think you're right my friend...They get too big and just hunger for the profit while no longer caring what they produce...very sad. Those early days of music seem best.
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goddess of moose?
I'm a huge fan of the band and her costume was on my to-do list. You did it justice!
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Thank you! The costume really is inspiring! I couldn't get it out of my head until I painted it lol.
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I love this band.

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I'm a big fan of Heilung I found them a few years ago, nice job on this piece Epic clap 
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Sweet! I think I found them just a little less than a year ago around the time one of their YT videos went viral. Since then, I'm hooked. :)
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