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Greenhouse for voracious plants

The third greenhouse next to the Potions building contains all sorts of carnivore plants, definitely will be the most dangerous out of all greenhouses on campus.

Background illustration done for the upcoming visual novel, Otherworlde.

Made with Krita.

IP  - Explorer games 2018
Art -
MalthusWolf 2018
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© 2018 - 2021 MalthusWolf
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Required equipment for admission: boots, gloves, goggles, pruning shears, jars, bottles, a rolled up newspaper, cattle prod, and a fully stocked first aid kit.

Beautiful, but dangerous. Well done.
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Agreed on the equipment list haha!  Thank you very much.
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The plants get on with each other at least? Does the caretaker job keep cycling here? XD Is the greenhouse deliberately designed to look this menacing or are the plants doing that all on their own? Is that giant frog real :O this is a really nice set :)
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Since it's pretty dangerous I'm sure there is a cycling going on! Or maybe there's a really experienced caretaker here that knows this place like the palm of his hand. As far as my info goes the place is designed that way already yes, oh and the frog is a statue. :) Thanks!
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This is so magic and colorful! You did an incredible job here! :clap:
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Much appreciated! I'm glad you like it :)
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This is amazing!!!!! So beautiful!! Really well done. I use Krita but struggle with backgrounds.x
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Thank you very much! :) Hang in there, I'm sure you'll reach your desired goal just give it time. Do you struggle with backgrounds in general or have trouble when it comes to painting them in Krita?
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You're so welcome. Heart 
I'm usually ok with backgrounds when I use other formats. I'm still quite new to digital art so I'll definitely stick with it. Any tips?x
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I see! Well, I can only speak from experiences of my own as I gathered knowledge from looking at other artists work and of course looking at life itself. For me what helped was painting with dark tones first and moving to light tones as I progressed. Also doing studies in greyscale while thinking of nothing but trying to have fun. I really get bogged down when I think about art logically so I go to the "happy place" in my mind to have good results. :D Another big thing for me was not using lineart in the beginning process. I do like lineart but have problems with it restricting my bounds so I usually add it where I feel it would look good during a finalizing phase of an image. A bit contrary to what I just said - When working digitally it's good to restrict yourself especially with colors. In traditional media of course you can mix colors but still you are limited to the outcomes, this is a good thing. Digitally it is very hard to restrain yourself to not use all kinds of colors and highlights so I would definitely recommend to anyone to be a bit more disciplined when it comes to digital colors. Man is it hard to do though...

For landscape painting it's not always the best to use a round brush, you won't get mistakes that way and when doing fantasy scenes that's a big go to place for me. So try to use chalk brushes, cube, dirty or uneven brushes f.ex. on mountains and use flat or oval brushes when doing meadows, plains or even trees. With Krita you can make your own brushes but there are some resources for this as well around the internet. :) David Revoy comes to mind, he has a nice collection of brushes for free
When you have a good base and you are up for the challenge you can also experiment with overlaying textures, but that is another type of technique with it's own set of rules I think.

All in all there is only one rule for all of this which I'm sure many of us and you as well have heard: Always have fun with it and don't be afraid to experiment. :) Experimenting comes with failure but failure is connected strongly to succcess.

Hope this helps in some way! :)
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Oh my goodness, Thank you so much. Great advice. 
I am a creature of habit so when I find a brush I like I usually stick with it! A lot of experimenting with brushes is needed. I've watched some of David Revoy's tutorials on youtube (He's awesome). 

I'll keep you updated with my progress. Thank you once again for taking the time to respond.

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You're quite welcome! ^^

That's actually a good strategy, I for one love the default round brush the best. It's the one I can predict the most. Actually Craig Mullins advises to use the round brush the most because you can convey more personality with it. If we use too many texture brushes, it kinda will look the same old same old. There are ways to get around that problem too but yeah as you say too: A lot of experimenting with brushes is needed.

Please do! I'm usually slow on replies sadly... but I do my best.
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No worries. Thankyou again for the advice.x 
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Amazing! How did you manage to paint so many roots? Waaaah! Heart 
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I'm persistent when it comes to trees I guess. :D Love em! Sometimes I go overboard though Sweat Drop 
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I love the way you draw/paint them! Nothing forced in your style. It`s natural. I love it.
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That is reassuring to hear! I still have to study a lot but I feel I'm starting to shake off the stigma of wanting to overdetail and polish everything. I mean stuff like that is nice to look at but I feel I gain so much more when I paint them in a sort of lax and intuitive way. Right now I'm looking for a "relatively detailed but still contains painterly looseness" combo for upcoming works. :)
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Sounds like a plan! I am looking forward to see more of your artwork. 
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Poison Ivy would like that for sure.
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Haha, that may be true! :)
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Really magical!
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