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Art is long, life is short.
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Verdestia Map by MalthusWolf, visual art

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Hey there, my name is Edvárd, thanks for checking out my profile!

I had this DA page since early 2009 but i only started uploading my works about 5 years ago, because before that I was just a lurker that couldn't draw or paint and was convinced that I'd never change that fact. Thankfully I've proven myself wrong, but still have a long way to go.

If you like my artwork and have the time, please drop a comment! I really like the feedback I get from you guys, don't be afraid to post constructive criticism also because I really want to improve. +Watch and +Fav -s are much appreciated too.

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Favourite Visual Artist
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Kazuo Oga, Yoji Shinkawa
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12 Monkeys, Event Horizon, Aeon Flux, Wolfhound, Gladiator, Neon Genesis Evangelion ,End of Evangelion, Rebuild of Evangelion
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Mostly Psyambient/psychill downtempo,also classical music when I'm in the mood, when working on monotone stuff Deadmau5
Favourite Books
Vörös Kalóz, Dűne, The Anubis Gates
Favourite Games
Oddworld games, CIV V-VI, Genshin Impact
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Tools of the Trade
Wacom and Huion tab
Hi everyone! So this new system DA is implementing is really cool and just a few weeks ago I had an alert in my notifications stating that someone uploaded one of my images to a third party site selling it as an NFT. I was shocked because I don't really get messages like that so I went over to this site and sure enough there I found one of my works with many other artists' stolen work as well ready to be sold off as these tokens of whatever... I'm sure there are things like that floating around either way under the radar but this protect system is quite neat I have to say. I contacted the site's customer service and my painting was thankfully deleted from there. Someone else had any similar experiences recently? If so, do share!
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Hello everyone! So, I made a decision which might bring about my undoing muhahaha! (I'm actually scared wtf am I doing) I decided I want to give streaming a go because of some interesting things I noticed about myself. Which is that I love to talk about random things while I work and I noticed that while I do that, the urge to check out meaningless distractions on the internet almost fades away. I have nooo idea how it will go or how peopel will like it but right now it just felt right and I can actually feel that I want to and almost need to do it. The only problem is that my internet is crap so the bitrate thus the video quality will not
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Hello everyone! It's been a few months since I wrote one of these so it's time to refresh the journal section. So, me and <ElinaMilner ( started a group namely :iconda-fantasyworlds: just about a week ago. We accept everyone as a group member so if you feel up to it you can join. :) We do have some rules regarding art submissions but as long as it's fantasy or sci-fi related art it will probably be accepted! You can read about the rules on the group's main page. It's mainly founded for curating amazing art and giving unseen and upcoming artists more exposure. We welcome you with open arms! Regarding commissions since a good number of you ha
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Featured Artist of the Month MalthusWolf

You are the Digital Freeway's Featured Artist for the month of August.

Your work is now displayed in a special gallery on the group's home page. :clap:

We would like to thank you for all the exceptional art work you have submitted to the group and shared with all the members. :)

Thank you, much appreciated! :)It's my pleasure if others like my work so I'm happy that it got displayed in the group!

Your very welcome. We are proud to display it on the group's home page. Wonderful work on this. Beautifully done. thank you for sharing it with all the members of the group.:hug:

Your are is very good. It's not often I follow someone unless, like you art work is top tier.

Thank you, I really appreciate that!

Thank you for the llama! :D

You're welcome! :)