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Sylvanas Windrunner, The Dark Lady

Fan art of Sylvanas that I have been wanting to paint since Warcraft III. I've only recently had the skills to give her some justice. 
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Sylvanas Windrunner. Dark and sexy. Exactly like the types of character I usually create to make 3D art.

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Thank you guys for the kind comments, I don't have a lot of traction and my permanent job is taking a lot of my time.. Really love to see people like these works though! have a happy summer everyone!
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Beautiful eviel Sylvanas art, thanks for sharing in high resolution! +fav +watch
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awesome that you like it! Thank you!
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Awesome work! Glad that you chose to do her true version instead of that aweful corset they just gave her!
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thanks! No idea why they had to change her outfit.
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You are welcome!

Yeah,  I actually started a forum about her outfit if you're interested.…
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Absolutely stunning. You definitely did her justice alright. This is one of the best pictures I've seen of her.
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I was about to call you a thief because I've seen this on ArtStation a while ago, but then I looked at your DA profile :) This is one of my favorite Sylvanas artworks ever.

(also makes a perfect mobile wallpaper!)
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Haha thank you for defending the rights of artists, but yes I'm the same person. Decided to make a deviant art profile since Art station doesn't give as much feedback. Thank you for the feedback! :)
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