Czequestria 2019! (overdue report on awesomeness)

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There is a lot for me to catch up with these days when it comes to my hobbies, so there may be more than one journal post by me in the foreseeable future. This semester I got more classes to teach and new history presentations to give (I'm teaching at several education centers for adults) than in any preceeding semester. I thoroughly love my job, but these days it has been cutting my time a bit short when it comes to realizing many of the ideas I got for new projects or writing journals like this one. Much of the creative spare time I got these days is dedicated to creating some birthday presents for friends of mine. My schedule schould relax a bit by late November / early December though and I hope to make some time for new projects :)

The first thing to catch up with is writing about the Czequestria 2019 from the 23rd to 25th of August :)
History enthusiast that I am I just loved this years' motto "ancient times". The awesome Czeque brony community had worked very hard to make it an awesome event and bronies from everywhere did their share to make it so.
A big highlight of the Czequestria is always the LARP on the Friday preceeding the opening of the gates. While in 2017 most of the LARP had been in a beautiful park, this year locations in the town itself were included which I enjoyed a lot.
I was in "team Coco Pommel" along with some friends from over here, a brony from Russia and two great cosplayers of Applejack and Pinkie Pie (the later being :iconpinkiekler: while I am not sure if the cosplayer of Applejack has an own Deviantart page (Edit: Yes she does, and here is her page: :iconappleblossomstar: :) ).
The tasks during the LARP were very creative and diversified and involved many meetings with well played creatures (awesome costumes!) from the Ancient Days.
One of these tasks was folding an origami for Starlight Glimmer and I must admit that I was shamelessly showing off there:
Img-20190823-wa0025 by Malte279
I hope I could make up for that by handing out some printed folding instructions for origami ponies which I happened to have with me to other groups in the LARP.

On Saturday the gates of the Czequestria opened and I also had my "forms of fanart" panel. I had some technical difficulties (including animations on presentation slides can be a bad idea for not all computers and projectors take well to them), causing some delays and had to speed up a little towards the end when the room had to be cleared for the next event, but I do hope that those who were there still enjoyed the panel:
Img-20190826-wa0008 by Malte279
All over the Czequestria I met friends I don't see often (scattered over the continent as we live) and new ones as well.
Thanks a lot to you TheJakeVale :iconthejakevale: for the Element of Generosity pin you gave me. With all the pins you have already given me, each of which triggers fond memories to awesome events you yourself are an example for generosity at its best :)
The Czequestria also stands out this year as one event which stood out for the weather turning out better than predicted (there had been predictions about rainfall in the night from Saturday to Sunday), which means a lot in a year in which the weather has quite frequently meddled with chalk drawing projects and other outdoor workshops I offered.
With the weather not interferring and with the creative spirit of so many bronies around the chalk drawing at the Czequestria turned out really awesome. There were many really awesome works by many artists. I want to point out the Da Vinci inspired Miss Libussa by Themisto97 :iconthemisto97: which really fit awesome to the motto of the Czequestria, but there were many other really awesome works out there. I made a mental note though that next time I should mark a path on which nothing should be drawn, because the high density of chalk art on the main way to the Czequestria made it quite a challenge not to step on anybrony's art:
A report on the Czequestria 2019 would be incomplete without mentioning the guests of honor, Petra Hobzová (the who voices Sunset Shimmer in the Czech translation of Equestria Girls) and the incredible, amazing Elley Ray!
I think it is fair to say that she is a voice actor invited not primarily because she "is" Mistmane but because she is Elley Ray and by being Elley Ray comes very close to a real life Pinkie Pie!
Her kindness, humor, heartiness and (in the most positive sense of the term) "brony type of crazyness" probably touched everyone present. I was delighted to learn that earlier in her career she had voiced "the Southern Oracle" in the movie adaptation of "The Neverending Story". I absolutely adore the book the movie is based on (the movie is a piece of art in its own right, but I must say that it cannot catch the depth of the amazing book). She was very amused to hear that in the book the "Uyulalla" (who is the "Southern Oracle") is a being consisting of a voice only who has what I refered to as "double Zecora Syndrome" (she can only talk in rhyme and only understands rhyme). I ended up reciting some of her rhymes from the book (alas I only knew the German version).
Later on she came outside and we took a photo near a chalk drawing of Mistmane I had made:
Img-20190826-wa0004 by Malte279
Unfortunately I didn't meetPetra Hobzová after I finished a chalk drawing of Sunset Shimmer, but a cosplayer with an awesome Sunset cosplay kindly join me for a picture:
Apart from their beautiful cosplays as Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie Daseh :icondaseh: and PinkieKler :iconpinkiekler: also moderated (in a very amusing in character way) a my little pony quiz (I managed to turn out 14th of about 60 participants after a medicre start, but it would have been fun even if I had ended up last).
Later on they had a Cosplay Workshop and again, it was really awesome. I have only ever done very superficial cosplay as an OC and am probably not going to ever become an actual cosplayer, but Kler & Daseh's workhop was interesting for everyone. Even if one doesn't cosplay it is really interesting to see just how much thought, and work, and effort goes into such cosplays and their detailed presentation of the many materials they are working with for their cosplays is interesting for all kinds of art and crafts.
Unfortunately I had a job interview on Monday the 26th of August. Because of this I could not stay to the very end of the Czequestria and actually had to leave the Cosplay Workshop early (I really would have loved to stay).
Because of the job interview I also had to miss out on most of the awesomeness that I am sure must have taken place during the charity auction, but Perrydotto :iconperrydotto: was so kind to put up the jar I had donated first for auction, so I could still be there when it was auctioned (and was happy to see Themisto97 getting it :) ).
I did not get that job the interview the next day was about, but that does not lessen any of the awesomeness I experienced at the Czequestria. I very much hope that there will be another Czequestria and if there is, I will do what I can to be there :)
Děkuji and thanks to everyone who made Czequestria 2019 possible and as awesome as it was!
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this looks amazing thank you for shrring us this wonderful work
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Nice report on the Czequestria 2019. It was for me as well a lot of fun. And you being there where definitely one of the best parts.
The chalk drawings did so much fun. And being able to talke to you while doing it was great.
I also enjoyed your presentation. Luckily I had the change to attend it this time (At Galacon it slipped my mind will I was in a team who created the Canni chalk drawing). 
Also nice that you used some of my photos fo you in the report. :D