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Special Agent Sweetie Drops

I've had the idea for this Origami setting in mind for a while and since there is a little "art of the month" competition in a brony forum with the topic "MLP Ponies doing their jobs" I set this scene up.
We got special agent Sweetie Drops (also known as Bon Bon) in service for Equestria trying to trap an apple-devouring threat to the good ponies of Ponyville. It is up to everyone to think of the story that brought Sweetie Drops and Flutterbat to what seems to be a ruin somewhere in Everfree forest.
On the left we have special agent Sweetie Drops who climbed the wall of some ruin in the forest using the rope and hook still dangling there. It appears that in her mission-briefing Sweetie Drops got some information on the "monster" she is dealing with. Warned of Flutterbat's stare Sweetie Drops is holding a mirror and is also wearing reflective sunglasses despite the nightfall (possibly also in accordance with the laws of cartoon logic that nopony would ever be suspected of being a spy so long he or she is wearing sunglasses).
Informed about the "culinary preferences" of the target and in accordance with her cutie mark special agent Sweetie Drops has created some big apple flavored bonbons as baits to lure Flutterbat into the cage hidden on the other side of the wall. Sweetie Drops may have to work on the subtlety of her baits' inscrictions though. They read: "Eat me!", "Just some subtle candy", "I am not a bait" and "This is not a trap". In case Flutterbat reads and understands the inscriptions she might end up a little suspicious about all this Wink/Razz
I created the background image of the forest for this picture myself and am going to upload it so others can use it for their art.
There are two other versions of this image with a somewhat different lighting. It took some experimenting to get the lighting right for a nightly scene:
Special Agent Sweetie Drops02
Special Agent Sweetie Drops03
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Thank you very much, roseswirl78 :)
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Cute and well-thought-out!  I hope Flutterbat doesn't have the strength to push her way through the bars of that cage...!
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Thanks a lot, LookOutHereComesTom :)
One never knows what bat ponies can do ;)
In any case the cage comes with bars so close that even an origami pony wouldn't fit through, while in cartoons cage bars are often set so far apart that the inmates of the cage should be able to walk out with little effort or just a little squeezing (I suppose they don't want to block the view on said inmate too much in cartoons)
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I have never seen anything like this before, awesome concept. Keep it up! XD
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Thank you very much, Helmie-D :) (Smile)
I really like your OC. Another helm wearer ;) (Wink) 
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:dummy: yay for helmets!
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Concerning helmets :D (Big Grin)
I made that little drawing for an MLP based pen and paper RPG I'm playing these days (once I complete a good cover picture for it I am going to open an own folder for the piles of drawings etc. made for that game) and it goes to show that Leafhelm was fond of helmets at an early age already ;) (Wink)
Don't be surprised that he is a pegasus in that drawing. When I came up with him as an avatar I made him an earthpony, but at the time every pony tribe except for a pegaus was already present in our role playing group and since I liked the idea of having every tribe present I gave him wings for that game. Since he is a map maker the ability to fly and get a birds eye view of things is turning out quite handy... hoofy, whatever. Wink/Razz 
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This is really cool, a paper'n pen RPG game, I think I never tried anything like that... how does it work? 
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Basically one of us is the game master for a time who thinks of an adventure that the characters experience. The game master needs to expect as many possible decisions of the character players as possible and react to them. (E.g. imagine a group of a unicorn, a pegasus and an earthpony reaching a broad river and their destination is on the other side. They might decide to try to swim across (could be dangerous), the pegasus might try to carry the other ones across (but if that would work depends on the stregth of the pegasus and also on the role of a 20 sided dice), they could walk some distance upstream or downstream to see if there is a bridge there, or they might try to build a raft, or maybe there is some friendly sea serpent in the river to carry them across, or... the possibilities are endless ;) (Wink)).
The game master also plays the role of all non player characters (NPCs) whom the characters played by the other players meet. The game master also describes to the players what they see, hear, smell etc. (whether it be the shining roofs of Canterlot or a flock of Timberwoolves suddenly bursting from Everfree's undergrowth).
The players speak and react as their characters would do. If there is something that isn't certain to work out (e.g. if that pegasi manages to carry another pony across the river, or if they notice they are being followed etc.) their abilities in talents relevant to the task (e.g. strenght, flying (in case of the pegasus), perception etc.) in combination with the role of a 20 sided dice determine whether the action work (e.g. whether that pegasus is even capable to lift the other pony if, the pegasus accidentally drops the pony into the river or falls into the river him or herself or if they reach the other bank perfectly savely (even that can happen ;) (Wink)).
It is kind of tricky to describe such a pen and paper RPG. The best thing is to give it a try with a group of friendly and creative friends. It can be great fun. This year a set of rules specifically for MLP pen and paper RPGs is scheduled for release. :) (Smile)  
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This sounds like a lot of fun. I must try this with my younger brothers someday (but first I need a decent dice). Looks like the possibilities are endless.
Thank you for explaining this to me, now the episode "dungeons and discords" makes a LOT more sense to me XD I'm sure the creators were Tabletop RP gamers too!
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It most definitely is a lot of fun :) (Smile)
The most important thing is probably to find a group of friends who get along well and have compatible ideas on how to run the game. For example in our group there is a strong focus on story telling and character play / acting. We also do our best to keep it Equestrian (for example, compared to traditional fantasy settings for role playing games violence is rather rare in the game as we play it. While ocassionally we put a hoof across what we might see in the series for the sake of drama, this remains an exception).
However, our way of playing MLP pen and paper RPGs needn't be the way to go for everyone. Just like you said, the possibilities are endless indeed :D (Big Grin)
You don't happen to attend the GalaCon in Ludwigsburg/Germany in July, do you? In case you are there and we come across each other it would be my pleasure to tell you more about MLP pen and paper playing (if you are interested).
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Hey! I would like to tell you that I like your creation. So I have shared it with the lectors of Le Poney Blanc in this article:… ! If you want that I put off it, please, tell me.
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As always it is a great honor and pleasure for me to be included in Le Poney Blanc :) (Smile)
Thank you very much Lontan.
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You're welcome Malte.
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That's awesome!
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Thank you very much =)
I got to admit it was kind of funny to gather up the stones and some other stuff used to set up the scene in this image and some that may be used in future images. I guess Maud Pie would have liked that Laughing 
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