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Rainbow Falcon origami - Tribute to ChrisTheS

It has been a while since my last origami project. This one is meant to be a tribute to ChrisTheS :iconchristhes: and his amazing work.
I like both My Little Pony and Star Wars, but I am in general rather skeptic about the concept of crossing over. All too often two good things don't seem to make another good or better thing if added together and with something so different as Star Wars and My Little Pony it seems to be particularly unlikely.
However, his comic series "Star Mares" really is and awesome example that taught me that even something so improbable can work out nicely. His work shows great knowledge about and respect for both franchises and while the tone is that of My little pony with regard to violence, the story is really intense. Moreover, while his stories strongly mirror elements of the Star Wars movies, they are far from just retelling stories that we already know, but only using elements from those and giving very interesting new perspectives on them through the eyes of a group of really lovely and well developed characters.
Add the hilarious humor and some really unforgetable lines and I have summarized why I really love his comics. Last but not least, I am very impressed at the rate at which he keeps new pages coming.
For all this I would like to thank him. Also a very happy birthday to you, ChrisTheS Pinkie Pie Party Canon icon 
If you would like to take a look at his comic, you can start right here: Star Mares 1.1: Our Only Hoof

The printing pattern for the Millenium Falcon in the above image is from the book "Star Wars Origami" by Chris Alexander which I can highly recommend to anyone interested in Star Wars and Origami. The Millenium Falcon is surprisingly easy to fold and I think I made the day for some school kids once when teaching them how to fold it ;) (Wink)

This scene called for versions with some text bubbles in it. I had many more ideas (and am curious about which ideas you may have) but here are the ones I actually made:
Rainbow Falcon02 by Malte279  Rainbow Falcon03 by Malte279  Rainbow Falcon04 by Malte279 
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Thank you very much, Lilbob2000 :)

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Thanks a lot, Tiger-Hawk :)
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Thank you very much, AureliusOrigami :)
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You're welcome! ^^
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Here's my take on this:

:iconhansoloplz: :iconsays3plz: And I thought the Falcon was the fastest thing in this galaxy...

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rainbow dash (super awesome) plz :iconsays3plz: The only time any falcon beat me in a race was when my wing got stuck under a rock and tank had to carry me over the finish line.
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I remember that episode!

Talk about a mismatch! The fastest thing in Equestria teaming up with the SLOWEST thing in Equestria, but they seem to get along just fine. :)
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I got to say that I like the falcon in that episode. In a sense one could say that he was tricked with the literal interpretation of the "crossing the finish line with me" quote that the ponies only thought of after the fact. Nevertheless the falcon was a good sport about it and in spite of being visibly sad about not being the chosen one after all the falcon showed absolute grace towards tank. In a personal headcanon of mine Rainbow Dash would keep in contact and ocassionally race this admirably fair and noble bird.
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The origami Falcon looks way better than my half-baked vector one :)
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You're being too kind :)
But if ever we happen to meet (improbably for the time being since my finances don't allow me to visit any cons on your side of the big pond) I promise to fold you one Millenium Falcon.
With a little practice the Millenium Falcon is surprisingly easy to fold. As mentioned above, at one point I could make the day of some school kids by teaching them how to do it ;)
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Marvelous origami!
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Thanks a lot, PhoenixFlambe :)
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1st this is galatic

nd such beautiful space pony adventure
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Thank you very much, tehwatcher :)
It was fun making this and it is always a pleasure for me to read the work of the artist this one is dedicated to.
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