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Pyrography - I still don't trust that wheel!

With Trixie Day on Equestria Daily approaching I made a set of Trixie Pyrographies I'm going to submit throughout the week.
Given her distrust for wheels it is quite remarkable that the life of the great and powerful Trixie is literally more founded on wheels (with her living in a wagon) than that of any other pony I am aware of Wink/Razz

This awesome vector by Ready2Fail :iconready2fail: was very helpful as a pattern for this image. Thank you very much Ready2Fail :)

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(Late comment but still)
Why is it that Trixie doesn't like wheels? I watched the episode where she gets the Alicorn Amulet and makes Film and Flam drag her "carriage" around without wheels. Well, her original wagon has wheels, so...

All questions aside, love your pyrographys. Got any featuring other characters like the Mane 6 or Cutie Mark Crusaders?
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Thank you very much, disneyanimationfan :)
I appreciate it very much if older projects don't get burried and forgotten but still spark comments :)
I assume that Trixie's mistrust of wheels in that episode may have been the result of that Alicorn Amulet twisting her mind (also making her more vicious than Trixie usually would have been). Perhaps the root of that distrust came from troubles with a broken wheel of her carriage in the past or perhaps from a blundered performance with a wheel of fortune or something like that (it may be material for a little fanfiction ;)).
I got quite a couple of pyrographies including the crusaders, many of applejack, some of Luna and several others and I am going to create more. You can find all of my pyrographies in this gallery folder.
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1st awesoem expresion

2nd X3 i truly amaze every time
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Thank you very much, tehwatcher :)
I got to admit the pose and expression is based on an existing vector drawing... and I realize that (getting that drawing from a different page) I didn't give proper credit to the artist whose work has helped to make this one. I shall immediately set that right.