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Out of hoof's reach

Lyra's anthropological researches (also known as quest for hands) have apparently led here to a place of long forgotten archeological evidence of sorts.
As a great friend Bon bon accompanied her on her quest to stand by her friend's side even though she seems to be somewhat freaked out by the huge stone hand which Lyra's research has revealed.
Whether Lyra's teary eyes are caused by cheer of having at last found what she was looking for ("See Bon Bon, I was right all along though nopony believed me!") or by sadness about some realization that a hand of her own will remain out of her hoove's reach ("So close, but I can never have one myself!") is left to you to decide.
Lyra is rather tricky to make, not because folding her would be any different from folding other ponies, but because so far I have not found any paper suitable for origamis in her color. Most of my origamis are made of paper weighing 80g per square meter. Up to 100g per square meter it still works. Lyra colored paper however was available at 120g per square meter only which is already kind of cardboardish and not really suitable for origamis of this size. Unfortunately thinner paper was available only in the colors "too blue" or "too green" with regard to Lyra.
I created two collages with four more images of this scenes. They are the same four images in both collages, but with two different background images between which I couldn't really make up my mind.

Here is a version of this image with a wasteland background from the final episode of season 5 and here are also two links to a little bonus image (both links lead to the same image but with the two different backgrounds which I used for the collages) showing only Lyra with a little origami hand:
Image01 (Jungle background)
Image02 (Wasteland background)
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1st awesome

2nd ineterest
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Thanks a lot, tehwatcher :) (Smile) 
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Looks really good! I like the story behind this!
Nice details are Lyra's semi-folded ears to go with her expression :nod:

All that is missing is a fedora hat and a whip for Lyra ;P
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If Lyra came with a whip and a fedora hat Daring Do (though unlike Indiana Jones she usually comes with a pit helmet) might start asking some questions ;) (Wink)
At some point I may come up with a Daring Do origami. I got some ideas for it, but I got quite a couple of other ideas queued up so it may take a long while... also, for that project I need to figure out how to fold a griffon that looks like griffons in MLP do...
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Heh, that would be great seeing these two together ;)

Well, I'm no origami expert, so I can't help you much on that ^^
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How did you fold them it's awesome.
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Thank you very much :) (Smile)
The pony figures are based on the so called bird base a basic folding that can be turned into almost anything. In order to get the ponies the base fold needs to be cut in two places in order to seperate the ponies front- and hindlegs. In case of the ponies I am now using for my projects, they are a bit of a hybrid between origami and something else, because their manes and tails are not folded, but I printed them on adhesive labels and attached them to the origami (this allows for more detailed and voluminous manes and tails than would be the case with a "folded only" origami).
Over time the way I fold the origami ponies developed as shown in Pinkie Pie's origami evolution. I often offer origami workshops at brony meetups in my vicinity and can only encourage people to give it a try. With a little practice it is not as difficult as people often asume it to be (I started folding origamis only in late July 2015).
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