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Origami Sonic Rainboom

Since the first experiment with an Origami / Papercraft hybrid in which the manes and tails of the ponies are printed on adhesive labels then attached to the origamis I have created quite a few new drafts. The second I made after Pinkie Pie is Rainbow Dash.
Recently Rocking Scorpion (check out his awesome drawings and photographs!) suggested jokingly in a chat that I should do an origami of a sonic rainboom. I took up the challenge and here is the result.
At first I had thought of something more complex involving a lot of wire and tissiue paper (I might still give that one a try since I already purchased the materials for that) before I took a rather simple approach using very easily foldable triangular components and sticking them together to a circle and attaching Rainbow Dash inside with a barely visible nylon thread (admittedly, when I added a background fancier than the wallpaper of my room to this photograph, I also removed any trace of said thread from the image. If you are interested here is an unedited version of the photograph used for the image above).
For the newer origamis I also came up with different sets of eyes, manes and tails for the different characters. In this case we got Rainbow Dash with flying mane and tail and eyes closed, thoroughly enjoying the flight. Other versions I made of her come with more regular manes and with neutral, determined or angry eyes.
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Thanks a lot, Lilbob2000 :)

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Sehr schön gemacht!
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Vielen Dank, silberhase :)
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Aye :)
The background ist added digitally, but the origami figure of Rainbow Dash and the Sonic Rainboom are real and dangling from my room's ceiling light as I type this ;)
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I meant the origami part but 
yeah I knew
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That's pretty good. All I can make are paper planes. :)
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Thank you very much, Ajksob :)
It used to be pretty much the same way for me. I only started folding origamis in July 2015. One of the good things about it is that many figures start with the same base foldings so if you know how to fold one figure you very likely have learned many steps for many other figures also. I can only encourage people to give it a try. It is not as tricky as it looks :)
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Okay, maybe I'll try more.
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This is amazingly creative! Congrats on the EQD feature, you deserve it. 
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Thanks a lot, Velveteen-Vixen :)
That is very kind of you.
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Rarity (Shocker) Plz . I can say nothing more ...
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Spike (Happy) Plz Thank you very much.
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Very nice! :) (Smile) Just out of curiosity, how long did this take you to complete?  It is obvious that an extreme amount of work and effort went into this.
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Thank you very much.
I got to admit I didn't take a look at the time. Thing is that these origami / papercraft hybrids take much longer than the pure origamis, with most of the time being not about the folding but more about the cutting out and attaching of the labels.
The folding part about the Rainboom is unspectacularly easy and takes time mostly because it has to be repeated 30 times (or however many different color pieces are used for the rainbow). After that Rainbow had to be hung into the color circle with the nylon thread (by the way, it is helping to lead the nylon thread between two of the jags of Rainbow's mane to "stabilize" her so she wouldn't tilt left or right).
I had the figure of Rainbow prepared before I sat down to fold the rainboom, so I didn't really sit down to make this in one session so to speak. My best guess is that it was a bit less than two hours.
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Really cool! 
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Thank you very much :) (Smile) 
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