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Origami Pinkie Pie Evolution

I started doing origami in late July 2015 and did my first My little Pony origami in early September of that month. The Origamis have come some way since then and this picture shows the evolution of my MLP origamis using the example of Pinkie Pie.
On the far right we got a Pinkie Pie I folded in early September 2015. I handpainted the Origami back then. A major Problem was that any light colors (e.g. of Pinkie Pie's cutie mark) wouldn't show clearly on the colored paper. Also note, that the tip of Pinkie Pie's belly is not folded in (as in all the later versions). Moreover the head of the "first generation" Pinkie Pie is folded differently. In fact folding the head the way I did in this first version had some advantages. The head would overlap the neck, making it look a bit more plastic and also ears could be cut from this folding variant, that could stand upright rather than the somewhat rearward ears of later versions. When I started doing the prints for the characters the head had to be folded differently though for in the "generation one version" the unprinted side of the paper would form the head.
By the early October 2015 I had created prints for origamis of the Mane6. The second Pinkie Pie from the right was probably made around that time. It is based on my first print, but I was still folding the legs in a way that made some folds unnecessarily prominent.
The third Pinkie Pie from the right is based on the same print as the previous one, but I used pretty much the same folding I would use today if I made a pony origami without a more detailed mane and tail.
In the winter of 2015/2016  I began to cut out the manes and tails of origami ponies in more detail, using some paper layers that had in early versions just been folded in and left unused. The fourth Pinkie Pie (second from the left) is one for which I created a new print in February 2016. Using the scissors a lot more and putting the so far unused paper layers to better purpose Pinkie Pie got a more voluminous and detailed mane and tail. The ears are printed rather than cut out in this version. One can also see the limits of the so far unused paper layers however. For lack of paper there there would always be a kind of notch between the mane on Pinkie Pie's head and the mane on her neck.
On the left we have the current version of Pinkie Pie (as of June 2016) which I created about a week ago. It is not exactly a pure origami anymore but a bit of a hybrid. rather than using the origami paper to create the mane and tails I printed them on adhesive labels and attached them to the figure of Pinkie Pie. This takes a lot longer than just the origami folding, but apart from the larger and more detailed mane it also allows for the head of Pinkie Pie to be given a shape more similar to the way she appears in the series (though the proportions of the heads in the series are still much larger compared to the rest of the body).
The main incentive for me to give this adhesive label printing a try was not so much based on those advantages however. Using such labels for the manes and tails will enable me to create origamis of characters with much lighter manes than the rest of their bodies which I couldn't create so far since it doesn't work to print lighter colors on darker origami papers. Using this technique I'll be able to come up with such characters in the future.

What's that?
The evolution of Pinkie Pie is going in the wrong direction from right to left and opposed to the horse evolution in the background?
You know, they are just being Pinkie Pies Wink/Razz 
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Thank you very much, Lilbob2000 :)

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Excellent work!
keep up the good work)
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Thank you very much, IIapIIIuBbIu :)
Maybe I will have to come up with a sequel to this evolution-parade some day since the leftmost, Pinkie is no longer the most up to date. However, the most recent changes are minor details about the mane shape and more importantly the use of adhesive labels that don't reflect like the ones in this picture did.
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Does your gallery have a scheme of origami ponies? It's really cool)
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You mean folding instructions?
I have not so far drawn instructions on how to fold these (but it is another thing on my to do list). My origami ponys are based on the so called bird base. The tip of the rectangular triangle at the top of step three in the bird base instructions needs to be sunk (basically turned inside) and there need to be two cuts along the middle of the triangles at the top of the diamont shaped bird base to separate the legs from each other... I hope this makes any sense.
There is a detailed folding instruction for a pony by Cyberglass, but his origami ponies and those made by Cahoonas are a lot more complex than the ones I can make so far :) (Smile) 
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Really difficult. Your origami look simple and very beautiful. I will try to follow your creativity. Thank you)
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You are very welcome, IIapIIIuBbIu :)
And thank you very much for your encouraging feedback. More likely than not I am going to draw a folding instruction for the origami panel I am going to offer this year. If I really draw this I will upload it here.
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Hm...this is pretty cool! 
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Thank you very much :) (Smile)
Pinkie Pie may have to undergo yet one more minor evolution step. I may alter the proportions of the main on top of her head (with that curl dangling rather far in front of her face) a little to make it appear closer to her appearance in the series. Meanwhile I am also working on new Origamis using the labels used on the last Pinkie Pie.
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The biologist in me approves of this indisputable proof of evolution in pony-kind. d-;

In all seriousness though, it is fascinating to see how your style has developed and improved over time as you have tried new techniques and folding styles.  :) (Smile) With regards to the newest technique, are there any particular characters that you plan to do in that style in the near-future?  You mentioned that the use of labels would allow you to create origami of characters with much lighter manes than the bodies, so I was curious if you had in mind anyone in particular.

Excellent work. :) (Smile) Now that I have rediscovered your DA page, I certainly look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future.
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Thank you very much Rhombus :) (Smile)
Examples for character I might come up with (that would have been impossible when trying to print manes and tails on the origami paper rather than on a separate label) include Derpy, Lyra, Big Mac, Trixie... pretty much anypony with a main and tail lighter than the main fur color. Characters like Applejack too can be improved (her earlier Origami version is a bit borderline since you can make out her mane but it doesn't really stand out) not just because of the mane color, but also by the option to give her her head. I'll probably do such "label versions" of all the mane6 too.
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