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Lyra and Bonbon bench

I got to admit that I was rather surprised when, checking it out to verify which MLP episode this origami scene was refering to, I realized that there never ever was such a scene. In the scene from S01 E07 "Dragonshy" in which Lyra is sitting that way it isn't Bonbon sitting beside her, but Shoeshine, a light blue recolor of Bonbon with two horseshoes as a cutie mark.
However that may be, in fanart Shoeshine is usually replaced by Bonbon, in Episode 100 we had Lyra refer to the "The benches we sat on!", and the two together on the bench is a rather popular motive about one of the most popular shippings as well as a basis for the idea of Lyra being sort of the pony equivalent of a brony with a fascination for humans.

Thanks and credit for the background above the gras mat go to matty4z :iconmatty4z:. Thank you for permitting others to use your background images for their art :) (Smile)

It was a bit tricky to fold Lyra in a way that resembled her sitting in a humanlike posture and I am not totally happy with the result. Another problem was that the thin origami paper (80g per square meter) which I usually use for my origamis was only available in the colors "too green" and "too blue" with regard to Lyra, so I had to make do with a mint colored paper that was rather thick (120 g per square meter) and less than ideal for an origami of this size (though I might want to consider using that thickness of paper if I ever want to do larger sized pegasi with their thin and therefore instable forelegs again Wink/Razz).
Lyra seems to look kind of grumpy in this picture too, but this is not intentional. I used a neutral set of eyes for her, but unfortunately I noticed too late, that her mane covers up part of her eyes in such a manner that it looks like she was frowning.
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Ooooohhh I've never seen origami ponies before! This looks pretty good! Hopefully you get the chance to redo this once you get the proper paper tho... ^^; 
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Thank you very much, joltster109 :)
I'm pretty sure there will be more origami Lyras and Bonbons.
During a Brony Christmas meetup last december we used origami figures as Christmas tree decorations. Here is a picture of Lyra and Bonbon in said Christmas tree.
I still haven't really found a paper for Lyra that wasn't either too green or too blue or too thick, but I keep looking Wink/Razz
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OOOOOOHHH That looks so pretty!!!! O_O Might be my bias towards Lyra and BonBon but I don't care... xDD
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Thanks a lot :)
Lyra and Bonbon are awesome. I got a couple of other projects of Lyra, Bonbon and both of them.
Do you know the Silly Lyra comics by :icondori-to: ? They are really awesome. I learned he is going to offer a comic drawing panel at the GalaCon in Ludwigsburg / Germany in July. I would really love to attend his panel, but sadly it coincides with the origami panel I will offer myself.
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Oh. My. God. Those were all great. O_O

YES!!! I love that little series of comics he's done! They're just soooo..... CUTE AND FUNNY AND ADORABLE AND AHHHHH!!! xD
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Thanks, joltster109 :)
This weekend I spend time with an awesome friend and we both did some chalk drawings. One of mine was a Lyra.
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What a inventive style! Awesome :D
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You've been featured on Derpibooru.  Congrats.
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Thank you very much :) (Smile)
It is a great honor for me that this image got featured there so prominently.
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Creative. I love it.
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Thank you very much :) (Smile)
There will be another origami scene featuring Lyra and Bonbon soon, though I may post some other projects first (I'm kind of trying to finish a number of projects at the moment but not post all of them at once, since chances are that work may cut my time for these projects in fall, but I hope to have some projects in store them to post during that season;) (Wink)).
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Thank you very much :) (Smile)
More likely than not you CAN do that. It does take a little time to get the hang of how to fold a paper pony, but from my experience it is not nearly as tricky as many people fear it to be. I've been offering MLP origami workshops on all the brony meetups I attend in my vicinity (I live in Germany) teaching bronies there how to do it.
Another funny thing about origami is that from the same base foldings you can go on to fold ponies, elephants, owls, dragonflies, cranes... almost anything. So if you learn to fold one figure you also learn most of what you need for many other figures. I can only encourage you to give it a try. But I must warn you, it is an addictive hobby and you run the risk of littering your whole place with paper animals Wink/Razz
The Lyra and Bonbon in this picture are a bit more time consuming than "pure" origamis since I printed the manes and tails on seperate adhesive labels allowing for them to be more elaborate than in case of a regular origami.
The image of Pinkie Pie's origami evolution gives an idea about the different "development" stages from my earliest MLP origamis (dating september 2015) to today. I am quite happy with the development, but I got to admit I am still far from the marvelous level reached by some other origami artists here on Deviantart. For example I am positively awestruck by the beautiful origamis (including my little pony origamis) by Cahoona his Princess Celestia is a master piece and I have not so far reached the insight to figure out the crease patterns he provides. 
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