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Lyra and Bon Bon wagon

Ocassioned by the Lyra and Bonbon Day on Equestria Daily I made a little pencil drawing of the two and digitalized it. We have Lyra and Bon Bon both living up to their names and cutie marks by playing the lyre and throwing bonbons for an unshown crowd to catch while sitting on a wagon.
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Thank you very much, StartledFlowerPony :)
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Very cute, and I love how what they're doing is relevant to their cutie marks - Lyra Heartstrings is very rarely shown doing anything lyre-related in fanart, in my experience.
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Thank you very much, MJNSEIFER :)
Indeed, we never see Lyra with a lyre or any instrument whatsoever in the series.
There is some fanart in which she plays the lyre, sometimes by using her magic (e.g. in TriteBristle's :icontritebristle: comic "Heartstrings"). In her comic TriteBristle also made Bon Bon the owner of a sweets shop.
Compared to Vinyl Scratch and Octavia who are defined through their music there seems to be much less attention to the Cutie Marks of Lyra and Bon Bon.
I think it would be a nice tribute to the meaningfulness of cutie marks if ever we saw her somewhere in the series playing the lyre. 
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Thank you very much, tehwatcher :)
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1st your welcome

2nd :)
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Thanks a lot, kTd1993 :)
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