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Loveship is Magic - Collage

I made a Cadance and Shining Armor Scene for the Shining Armor and Cadance Day on Equestria Daily. Truth to be told, I didn't even have the scene depicted in this collage in mind but started out with another scene (which I am going to upload right after this one). I had the "shiny thread stuff" (no clue what it is actually called; it isn't tinsel) which I used to symbolize magic in this szene in store ever since I got my hands on it in December, meaning to use it in an origami scene. The other scene turned out to be too crowded (too many changelings Wink/Razz) to use the "shiny thread stuff" properly. So this scene here was actually sort of improvised, but I think it turned out quite nicely.

Princess Cadance is the most complex origami I have made so far (hybrid origami I should say since the mane, tail, and trinkets are printed on and cut from adhesive labels rather than folded). Her long mane falling on one side of her face required some special arrangements. She is also the only winged pony I made so far who requires different cuts depending on whether she has her wings folded (as she does in this scene) or spread out (as will be the case in the other scene I mentioned).
As for Shining Armor, his "wedding uniform" somewhat limited the option for the position of his forelegs (which is why he doesn't seem to hug Cadance back).
As I mentioned above this image series was improvised to use that "shiny thread stuff" but in this improvision I could improvise a flower arc from remaining paper flowers two of which you may have spottet before in my Hearth's Warming with the Hooves series.

There are larger versions of the individual images of the collage:

Thanks and credit for the Crystal Empire background go to Earthstar01
Thank you very much for helping with projects like these by providing beautiful backgrounds :) (Smile) 
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Thank you very much, roseswirl78 :)
Luckily it is true.
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Lovely <3

You know, we've seen only once what their love is capable of; I'd like to see more of what power there is due to that love!  It's too bad we can't have an episode where Shining Armor and Cadence defend the Crystal Empire without the mane six's help...maybe they should do an IDW comic about it?
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Thank you very much, LookOutHereComesTom :)
I think there are official comics dealing with the defense of the Crystal Empire, but unless my memory is failing me I don't think that Cadence and Shining Armor played a particularly prominent role there. Who knows, maybe they are going to play their part in a probable future episode on Queen Chrysalis.
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This is lovely!
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Thanks a lot, Vile-Flesh :) (Smile) 
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Thank you very much, midnightrose3000 :)
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you can call me Rozu
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Thanks, Rozu :) (Smile) 
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1st oh stars......just wow

2nd you truly have way in art so amazing
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Thanks a lot, tehwatcher :) (Smile) 
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1st your welcome hope youll have a balst in next arts

2nd :)
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Thank you :)
I got plenty of ideas and a number of origami characters I have not yet put up in scenes here. Also there may be a little pile of vector drawings in the not too distant future. I made based on a my little pony pen and paper RPG I am playing.
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1st your welcome

2nd i see cool say have you try more ship art like maybe sparity or your not into that ship?
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Speechless! Never thought decoration lights can do such a stunned effect like that!
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Thank you very much, PhuocThienCreation :) (Smile)
The funny thing is that this "shiny thread stuff" isn't actually decoration lights. There are no bulps or any electricity involved there. It is just some kind of plastic foil thread which by itself reflects light in blueish, greenish and purplelish hues (depending on where the light is coming from). In the pictures above (taken with a lot of light directed at the scene) it looks paler and less color intensive than it does in a less intensive light (which however would not look well for the figures). I don't really know what the "shiny thread stuff" is, but it sure looks cool ;) (Wink) 
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whoa?~ So did you make that? Awesomeness +100 lvl
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Thanks a lot, PhuocThienCreation :)
I didn't make the "shiny thread stuff" myself. When I was at my mum's place for Christmas it was lying around there and when I saw it (as mentioned above it looks a lot more color intensive in reality than it does on the photo) I was like "I have no clue what this is, but I totally want it in one origami scene!" :D
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