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Happy Honeymoon

This is the scene I first planned and made for the Shining Armor and Cadance Day 2017 (the one for which I originally planned to use the "shiny thread stuff" for which I then improvised another scene which I posted first since it seemed to be a more proper chronological order).
Maybe this is how Shining Armor and Cadance spent their Honeymoon, or maybe this is what must have happened offscreen in the final episodes of season six.
I had made four of the Changelings present last summer already and always meant to use them in a kind of battle scene, but I haven't gotten around to do so until now. Cadance seems to have brought one down already (it is not easy to recognize with another black changeling behind, but the one lying on the ground is rubbing his head).
This scene was a lot of fun to make and includes some of the more complex origamis I have made so far (Cadance due to her mane and Shining Armor because of all his, well, shining armor ;) (Wink)
I did a little photoshopping to make a nylon thread of the flying changeling invisible and to smooth out the edge between the background image and the real floor a little. For this image I had actually set up this whole scene on a rather elaborate improvised scaffold in front of my TV screen which displayed the background image (from S06E16 The Times they are a Changeling).
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Wow, very cool.  This had to be a ton of work!
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Thank you very much, AquilaTEagle :)
A fun fact is that there was very little photoshopping involed in the making of this picture. I had a TV screen display the background image and set up the origami figures, rocks etc. on top of a pile of white canvas (with the flying changeling dangling from a nylon thread). After I took the picture I just blured the rim between the canvas a little and edited out the nylon thread. Because of the complex equipment of Shining armor and mane of Cadance they are among the most tricky origmis with adhesive labels I have done so far.
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Quite impressive!
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Thank you very much, AquilaTEagle :)
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They did get kidnapped in the season 6 finale. I doubt they went down without a fight, though.
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Aye, I think so too. Also it would be kind of nice to see Shining Armor successful for a change. Considering that he is the captain of the guard and definitely brave (taking a stance against Sombra when he pursued the group) he always seems to be on the loosing side and even joked once (after the saving of the Chrystal Empire) that Twilight should stop saving him because ist was getting embarassing. I think it would be a nice idea to let Shining Armor shine for a change ;)
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I totally see this coming Happy Honeymoon
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With the fantheory (supported by the episode "Three is a crowd") that Cadance is a bit of an adrenaline junkie it may be that she is very much enjoying herself here :D
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Oh! yeah I remember :D
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Very nice :)  I like seeing Shining Armor being a badass; it's like the writers only allowed him to show his badassery once during the S2 finale, and then every time after that, it's either him getting worfed or crying his eyes out or nearly puking his guts out...!
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Thanks a lot, LookOutHereComesTom :)
Indeed Shining Armor doesn't get a lot of glory for all his bravery (remaining behind to take a stand against pursuing Sombra in the opening of Season 3 for example). Even he jokingly admits at one point that it starts to get embarassing being saved by Twilight all the time. It would be kind of nice to give him (or the guards in general) some time to shine not just because of polished armors ;)
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That was some honeymoon! :)
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Cadence may be an adrenaline junkie :D
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Thanks a lot warr-ainjal :)
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A little bit, blurry but otherwise great! I like how you implemented the photoshop details! The poses are nice :)
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Thanks you Ever :) (Smile)
I took the image without any flash light since I used my TV for the background image and wanted to avoid any light reflecctions from the screen. I also used a camera tripod to avoid blurs from motion, but maybe my camera doesn't suffice for clearer images. Or maybe less zoom in might improve future images. Thank you very much for the helpfulf feedback :) (Smile) 
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1st awesome

2nd thats a interesting honey moon X3
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Thank you very much, tehwatcher :) (Smile)
Everyone is invited to come up with their story ideas for this. Seeing Cadance in "Three is a crowd" many think of her as a bit of an adrenaline junkie so maybe she enjoys this kind of honeymoon more than her stern look at the changelings lets on Wink/Razz 
tehwatcher's avatar
1st your welcome

2nd i see i hope more ideas shall come for you
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really awesome fight!!
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Thanks a lot, PhuocThienCreation :) (Smile)
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