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Friends catch you when you fall

This little scene was a spontaneous idea I got while taking some photos of origami ponies in different poses (lying, standing, walking, running and flying). For Twilight's flying posture I had picked one which implied a steep (possibly unintended) dive and remembering her flying problems after her alicornization I thought of a scene depicting her flying training.
Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash soar along to catch her (and will most likely succeed), but in case they don't AJ and Rarity too stand ready to catch her (with hooves and / or magic) while Pinkie Pie has pillows ready for this situation because... because of course she does ;)
She seems to have borrowed said pillows from the Hooves.

Thanks and credit for the background above the grass matt go to jrrhack :iconjrrhack:
Thanks to you and all the other artists who offer backgrounds for credit :)

Edit: Deviantart has done me the honor to use this image as an example picture for the category origami people get to see when uploading images to this category at the moment (27th July 2017). This is the fourth time this happened and I'm very happy about this recognition :)
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Thank you very much, OptimusV42 :)
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You're very welcome, my friend.

My cousin actually does some origami, herself.
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It is a beautiful hobby and an easy way to give a little joy to people at the mere expense of a small square peace of paper :)
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Hehe… It sure seems like an impressive art form.
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And one the basics of which are a lot easier than many people seem to think :)
I'm currently working on creating a folding instruction for an origami pony which I will most likely upload here after the GalaCon.
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Ahh… That would be very interesting.
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:icontwilightnoesplz: *screams of terror* *sound of an airplane nose dive*

:iconfluttershyscaredplz: EEP!

:iconrainbowdashlouderplz: INCOMING!

:iconapplejackplz: Don't worry! We're ready!
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Clapping Pony Icon - Complete Mane Six Clap "A true, true friend helps a friend in need!"
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Thanks a lot, ooReiko :)
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:):) :huggle: :):) you very welcome my friend :):) :hug: :):)
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Really nice scene!
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Thank you very much, Vile-Flesh :)
In this case it was really a spontaneous setup when I put the origamis of different poses together which I had made for this overview of poses. There is another scene scene which came up spontaneously when I was doing this. I am going to upload that one too some time soon.
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1st beautiful

2nd wow amaizng work
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Thanks a lot, tehwatcher :)
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Holy crap! Your origami is so fricken cool! Rarifort icon

First the chalk and now this xD. Nice :D
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Thank you very much, DivinexxWinds54 :)
The origamis came first in my case (I started doing them in late 2015) while I started chalk drawing only in spring this year (except for that one very clearly first attempt of last October Wink/Razz).
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Oooh! That makes sense! ^~^. They're still both cool :D
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