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Another statue in Griffonstone (painted tin)

Using the recently carved soap stone head of Pinkie Pie and the tin casts I took of it and my most recent origami of Pinkie Pie I took a number of photos with a Griffonstone background.
Seeing how well Pinkie Pie got along with the statue of King Grover in "The lost treasure of Griffonstone" (S5 E8) I kind of liked the idea of Pinkie Pies reaction of meeting a statue of herself.
In this picture we got the painted version of the tin cast head along with the origami. The origami is a bit of a hybrid since the mane and tail of Pinkie Pie are printed and glued seperately to the figure allowing for a greater volume and more complex shape of them than in case of a pure origami. It also allows for the head of Pinkie Pie to be given a little snout more similar to her appearance in the series.
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2736x3064px 3.61 MB
Canon IXUS 170
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1/25 second
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11 mm
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Jun 11, 2016, 1:11:39 AM
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Thank you kindly, Lilbob2000 :)

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Finally, we have some interesting work today.
I like it very much, great composition. I see that you have a great talent and a huge imagination.
Regards, I'm waiting for more.
Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Thank you very much, patrykoe :)
More will come as soon as I may upload again (assuming that you are refering to Mlp-everything-group). For today I'm afraid I used up the 5 per day limit already (is there any chance for that limit to be lifted to ten per day or would that cause too much of a flood of submissions in a group of this size? :)).
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As for increasing the limit, write to the group's owner.
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Nah, I don't mean to pester him or her too much and I understand that administering a board is a lot of work even if the floodgates for submissions are not torn all the way way open ;)
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Heya! I would like to tell you that we've put your creation in this artisan selection on Le Poney Blanc (french information blog about MLP) :….  Keep doing great things!
If you disagree, please warn me!
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on the contrary, I am feeling very honored by you for presenting my images alongside the outstanding artwork presented on Le Poney Blanc. Thank you for the recognition and for showing my work to more bronies :) (Smile)
Just please keep telling me whenever you select images for for Le Poney Blanc. It always brightens up my day Nod
There are going to be new images involving some of the better known background ponies in the near future.
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I'm looking for this new images !
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Thanks a lot :) (Smile) 
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