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Malte279 Says3plz Hello and welcome to my Deviantart page

My name is Malte. I live in Germany and while I got a deviantart account back in 2007 it has been only after I became active in the brony fandom (fans of the show "My little pony") that I became more active and started posting new art more regularly. So almost all of the art on my account is my little pony fanart.

It has become kind of "my thing" to try out many different crafts and forms of art. I very much enjoy exploring the possibilities so I am rather versatile concerning the forms of fanart I am creating. Among other these include origami, pyrography (images burned into wood or leather), engravings on glass or stone slates, sculptures made of different materials (soapstone, wire, pipe cleaners, felted wool, clay, starch foam etc.), glass- and porcellain painting and mosaics. I love creating some background sceneries for the different sculptures so I can set them up for images or animations which sometimes can tell a little story.

Streetart with chalk is another thing I enjoy in the summer months and I am particularly happy about the successful introduction of chalkdrawing as a workshop at the GalaCon and the Czequestria (two European brony conventions I love to attend).

I also draw and paint both digitally and traditionally, but in all honesty I got to admit that I do so rather rarely, mostly because I regret the lacking possibilities for corrections in traditional paintings while dreading the unreasonable amount of time it takes me to complete a digital painting. I really admire the great artists who have learned to create beautiful digital art in much shorter time.

It is one of the things I really hope to learn to maybe realize a couple of comic ideas I have in mind.

I am creating art mostly for the joy of creating it rather than as a profession. However, while I am therefore not very active in searching for comissions I do sometimes accept them.

Apart from art I'm extremely interested in history and turned this interest into an actual profession by teaching history (and English) at "Volkshochschulen" (education centers for adults).

Please feel heartily invited to look around and comment on my art (constructive criticism is always very welcome and helps me to improve future projects).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Other Interests

Donation Pool

My donation pool

Malte279 This donation pool isn't set up for one specific project. I have constant costs for materials and tools for my art projects. If you can afford and want to support me I appreciate any donation a lot.

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I'm about to set out for the PonyCon Holland. Mostly due to Corona it will be the first convention in a very long time and the first time since 2019 to see many fellow bronies again. I am very much looking forward to this and also to offering a my little pony origami workshop tomorrow. Unfortunately my workshop coincides with a voice actor panel of Cathy Weseluck (who voices Spike, Coco Pommel and Mayor Mare) which I would have loved to attend and which I fear many will attend who might otherwise be interested in the origami workshop, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. Funnily enough the town part of Zeist where the convention takes place is called Griffensteyn, which obviously is Dutch for Griffonstone, how much more awesome can it get?
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From Friday (December 4th 2020) to Sunday (December 6th 2020) there will be the Next Saturday (September 19th 2020) there will be the TrotCon Online On Sunday from 6:45am to 8:45am Eastern Time I'm going to contribute (via zoom) with a little panel titled "Forms of Fanart". As you know it is kind of my thing to try out many different types of crafts and I just love learning about many different ways to turn all kinds of materials (e.g. paper, stone, wood, metal etc.) into something ponyish. There are many ways to keep oneself busy and creating something nice to brighten up ones spirit, especially in times when contacts with friends that would do much of the brightening up in regular times need to be limited. I'm going to present many (can't promise all of them depending on the time frame) of these forms of fanart along with helpful tipps for anybrony who would like to try give one or some of them a try. If you have any questions (both before and during the
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Hello, I would like to turn everybody's attention to the giveaway conducted by Themisto97 , celebrating his 200th watcher. He is a great friend and an awesome artist. Themisto creates amazing chalk drawings, awesome laser pyrographies and mindblowingly beautiful acrylights: A giveaway in which you can get a free commission by such a talented artist is something you shouldn't want to miss and participating is pretty much as easy as can be. Here is a link to all the details about his giveaway.
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Thank you for the fragment, I appreciate it :)

You are very welcome, Couratiel :)

Keep up your beautiful work.

Thanks for the watch! :)

You're very welcome, uBrosis :)

Happy Birthday! :D

Thanks a lot, EbbySharp :)

Happy Birthday!