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Lots of people already wrote about the detailing and the textures, so I won't go into them myself. They are indeed really good, especially for traditional art!

What I would say is that your values are all too similar on the different planes of the picture, and this prevents the image from having any sense of depth. I feel like the balloons, the mountains, the cages and the lamp posts are all on the same plane as the teapot. It makes it flat, which is a shame considering how gorgeous the colours and details are.
Ideally from what I understand, the shadows/values should have the most contrast at the forefront of the image, with the range reducing as you get further away into the background.

There's a few minor niggles with the composition (some tangents touching, which again messes with the idea of depth, like the top of her glass and the curved path, makes it look like that curve is touching the frill of her dress.)

On a final point, everything seems super bright in the picture! (and although that's a good thing in one way, because it makes the picture interesting) I'm getting the idea that it's a candle/lantern lit scene but I can't work out what the light source is xD

That's all from me!
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firedaemon Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Thank you for the great crit. I really need to work on improving the tonal values in my work to help give it more depth.
You've highlighted some good points and hopefully I can improve on them in the future ^^
malta Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Yw C: I had things like that recently pointed out to me in my art, and it's really helped me think about my compositions and tonal values. I still find it such a massive pain in the ass.. Ordered that 'light and colour' book, hopefully it'll have some interesting stuff in there!
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