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Published: April 28, 2012
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Been working on and off on this for a few months, 20+ hours total I think.. Never though I would actually finish it.
I was going for a blend and digital and old disney film/children's books style. Can't tell if the saturation is too high because my monitor is really temperamental lately.

Gambler's debts eh?

Here's some close ups, minus the texture.
I gave up on trying to copy/paste real playing card photos in because it looked awful and instead drew my own cards.

I love the Cheshire cat :D He's going to have to find himself a monocle to go with his new gold watch.

Edit: So thrilled this made it to the front page ^__^ Wasn't expecting people to like it so much! Thank yooouuu :heart:
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This is lovely) Does White Rabbit really think he can beat Chessur?!
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Wow, doesn't help that I have a serious weakness for Alice In Wonderland XD
Oh God, though, got to love Cheshire's face! I want one :)
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FaulkenHobbyist Traditional Artist
Alice in Wonderland has so much thematic awesomeness to play with, letalone the actual characters and all the different takes on them. Really nice to see yours. Some people go all out too gothy and dark (good ol' American McGee...), but there's a certain level of sophistication to yours in remaining true to the source material; child friendly with some hidden depth and sinister elements.
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nekophoenixProfessional General Artist
Good lord! :heart:
Youjust have the most beautiful digital colouring!
This is like it's been drawn with magic and velvet, the tones are just so rich <3
Great call on drawing your own cards too, I think it'd look off otherwise.
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TheEpicOshawottHobbyist Digital Artist
Shiny. owo
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marcgosselinProfessional Traditional Artist
Very nice!
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That is SO awesome. I'm sharing this on my FB page, you are getting full credit of course. :)
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maltaProfessional Digital Artist
Aw thanks :D You can add me on FB if you feel like! [link]
GargoyleGardens's avatar
thanks for the offer, i appreciate it, but unfortunately due to some ridiculous drama, I no longer add people I dont know in real life :(
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maltaProfessional Digital Artist
Oh no worries :)
Sorry to hear you had FB drama, I know that can be a pain.
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so beautiful!!!!! Cheshire cat has a wonderful grin, I love it! *__*
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iv0rineHobbyist General Artist
brilliant! love the colors!!
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Очень красивая работа!
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I'm glad you decided not to copy real playing cards into this, it works better this way ^_^
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xXUnicornXxHobbyist Digital Artist
awesome :heart:
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Oh My God I LOVE IT!!! This has to be one of the best Alice in Wonderland artworks I've seen in a while, its cartoonic, yet contains such realism!! great job, I love the detailed deck of cards too!! :heart:
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elphieofkiamokoHobbyist General Artist
OwO Awesoooome.....
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kamikreationsStudent General Artist
I love your work! Love the use of color
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aniwablueStudent General Artist
Wow, wonderful! And me who love poker game! (But I never play with money! :D)
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SchakaloStudent Digital Artist
Oh my~ This is beautiful! The soft colours and the details on the Cheshire cat, and his paws... and those cards. Dude you seriously amaze me!!
I also admire how you make the characters look like they belong in the scenery! I struggle with that sosso much and its so hard to get right, but it looks like you've aced it! The saturation looks fine to me!

Love love love it <3
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maltaProfessional Digital Artist
Aww thank you <3 I think part of the trick is to draw them all at the same time.. I'll post some step by steps of how I did this, but it started out as a black and white pencil sketch, then I did a rough full colour of the whole pic. Then I built up detail throughout the picture some (then I fudged up the detailing layers and had to spend 30min or so creating a mask over the rabbit and cat so I could do proper detailing on the background without painting over them..) As long as you don't draw characters THEN draw the background but instead draw them at the same time it's a lot easier to make em fit together!

You can do it :D Did you get the links I posted you?
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SchakaloStudent Digital Artist
No problem, and sorry for the reaaaly late reply, I've been all up in my exams. I've got one more in one week. Then I'm done oh god. Have you posted the step by steps?? And really? Everyone I know does the character separate from everything esle, I think animators do that to, with the separation of the character from the background, but either way this looks awesome. Oh man not with the masks, I just don't know how to Photoshop, I need youtube to guide me through technical stuff like that.
And yup I'm pretty sure I got the links, I can't remember now! Lemme check, I think I have though! Thanks v much <3333
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