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Mallu Stuff


This is a group dedicated to the closed species known as Mallus and Mallas, along with their many subspecies! If you have any questions, please ask Agenthree, the creator and owner of this group and species.

:bulletgreen: Info :bulletgreen:

The mallu is the result of a gone wrong science experiment. These scientists were trying to make an ultimate being that could assist them in a war, however, the result was the mallu. This experiment ended in a doglike being with a mane and horns. This fail led the scientists to try again with different animals, making the uncommons, then the rares, next, the ultra rares, and finally the Legendary. Despite being a Failed science project, the Mallus thrived and created a tribe in the mountainous regions. The species began to get bigger and eventually were discovered many years after the failed experiment. The ones who discovered them believed that they came from a different universe and left the species alone. They continued to grow and eventually, the Malla was creates within the tribe. The home of the mallus if in a pine forest near a volcano. Mallus can resist lava due to the amount of exposure they have to it. When this volcano erupts, there is a very rare chance that a few Lavallus will come from it, and the melting ice will become the Watallus. The many mallu types share the forest with each subspecies, except the Cullu. The cullus are a legendary mallu that was born with a mutation of having no mane. Once learning to fly, upon approaching the clouds, the clouds will form their mane and will stick to them wherever they go. the live together in the sky and only have the option of being legendary. This is because they have to have wings in order to reach the clouds.

:bulletblue:Here are the traits for each type of Mallu!:bulletblue:

Malla (coming soon!)
Cullu (coming soon!)
Watallu (coming soon!)
Lavallu (coming soon!)

currently only available through adopts and customs

No horns
No manes (Legendary with wings only)
Multiple tails
More ears

:bulletgreen: Skills :bulletgreen:

The mallus are able to gain more skills. These are important to there survival. All Mallus will start with a 0 base stat in Strength, Speed, Intelligence, knowledge, Defense and of course, commitment! However, you can't max out every stat. The maximum of every stat is 100, but only one stat can get there.
Gaining the points to increase these aspects will be announced soon, but it will be mainly through drawing your mallu

:bulletgreen: Packs and Leaders :bulletgreen:

The mallus have different packs. Each pack has a different leader! The currents packs and leaders are:

:bulletred: Malladus (Leader of the pack of the first mallus)
:bulletred: Nathaniel (Leader of the pack of the unusual mallus)
:bulletred: Pyro (Leader of the Lavallus)
:bulletred: Meringue (Leader of the Cullus)

All mallus can interact with the leaders in any way. They are all super welcoming to new members too.

:bulletgreen: Roleplaying :bulletgreen:

This species heavily encourages roleplaying and interacting with others.
The more two people rp with their two mallus, the closer they can get and the mallus can eventually become a couple!
This improves the bonds between all kinds of mallus, even shy ones.
If you happen to have a shy one, rolyplaying can help the mallu become more open to others which is important to the pack and tribe.

:bulletgreen: Reselling :bulletgreen:

If anyone is to resell their mallu, the person buying it must join this group!
You are NOT allowed to raise their price if they have no extra art.
So, as of recent events, I've decided to discontinue Mallus/Mallas as a whole.
It hasn't gone very fer since the original concept, and isn't very original from my stand point.
And being someone who doesn't stand for CS, I think it is best for me to discontinue it all together.
I'm sorry for this news, but it has to happen.

I will no longer by making events or more mallus and I may eventually shut the group down, but idk.
I just thought I might make everyone aware of this.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
~ Mallardus
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Tea-doggo Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018  Student General Artist
Well, okay then.

R.I.P. this group and species.
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REFsheet: "closed"
Group page: "semi-open"
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Hey, this is OurUnfrendlyObsesion 

I moved accounts, and wanted to let you know I'm STILL working on the refs.
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Spyyo Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2017   Digital Artist
Sorry if this is a silly question but I'm just curious; are other people allowed to make Mallu adopts?

I was just wondering~ I kinda want to design some myself.
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Agenthree Featured By Owner Edited Jul 30, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I'm currently looking for some helpers with the group's layout! And maybe some people to help me with common adopts! No legendary ones though
Just make sure you have the people buying join my group and tag me as the creator of the species.

Send me a note if you're interested!
I just want at least 10% of the points you receive, unless I allow you to co-own the species with me(very unlikely, since my sis is already helping me with them)
Agenthree Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2017  Student Digital Artist
If you wanna join, feel free to request to join! This group is open to everyone!~
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