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Minecraft - Endermen

By Malliya
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:bulletpurple: The texture pack Dokucraft, The Saga Continues uses this picture as one of their paintings

:bulletpurple: The reason the eyes are yellow and not purple, is because this drawing was done before the Endermen were even released, and all I had as reference was this screenshot: [link]

:bulletpurple: The Endermen were not created based on Slenderman. When Notch showed them for the first time, people would not stop comparing them to Slenderman, and he got (understandably) annoyed and named them Endermen just to spite the naysayers. :XD: Source: [link]


I uploaded a bigger resolution cause people seem really interested in using this as a wallpaper! The resolution is 1920x1080, hope that's okay. I don't really know much about resolutions, since my monitor is old as hell. :P


I just had to get this little sketch out of my system. HAD TO!


Endermen are a new mob coming to Minecraft next update by the way.
Not sure if Notch was serious about calling them Endermen, but I'm sticking to it. xD
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MyLittlePonyGirl43Student Artist
The one in the middle completely REKT the rest.
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TheCartridgeTilterHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Sira-DragonHobbyist Digital Artist
I need this as a shirt xD I love it!
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EnderloidHobbyist General Artist
What's a Enderman lol 
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TheRealTDWHobbyist General Artist
Search about it online a Enderman is a creature from a game called Minecraft and is able to teleport....I can't tell if your comment is sarcastic or not does kind of sound sarcastic
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EnderloidHobbyist General Artist
Yea it is it is 
(thought my username would give that away)
((also I didn't think anyone would actually reply to that hello))
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FoxinaTheBallerinaHobbyist General Artist
oh look its my cousins
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Loralove8Student Artist
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GoldKarmaDragonHobbyist General Artist
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TheEnderMismagiusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey erm would it be all right if I used this as my YouTube channel banner? I'll credit you (I mean, I definitely can't draw like this ;-;) if you allow me to.

Have a nice day!
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LoopyCat1987Student General Artist
Lol. Diamonds! Also, congrats on this imwge of a Magma Musen vid.
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02Yakols-FirestarHobbyist Traditional Artist
the enderman looks like he is saying OMG i found diamonds 
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LEG0unikittyHobbyist General Artist
Lol, I like the one holding the diamonds. Ima like that whenever I get some >.<
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ErasedNoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Poor enderman with nothing :sad:  Enderman  Sad dummy 
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matarioshkaHobbyist General Artist
Haha! Good job! :D :heart:
I´d love to have a shirt with this drawing, but I have no money lol.
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EnderrenHobbyist General Artist
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CoxinhaDoceStudent Traditional Artist
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CarlyAndRickforeverStudent Artist
i love it Heart 
GUNSANDSHlPSStudent Filmographer
lol my friend has an enderman character with yellow eyes.
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YYaas! I love it!Enderman icon 
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efreameStudent General Artist
DIMONDS! :lol:
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trop mignon! 
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