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Enderman Adventurer

By Malliya
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:bulletpurple: He has an ask blog over on Tumblr! :bulletpurple:

Found this picture while cleaning my desktop. I decided to slap some colour on it and submit it cause I still like it! :D

I just thought it would be interesting to imagine an enderman adventurer.
The bandages are for wounds he got from touching water. The box in under his arm is a chest, I imagine it would be his inventory.

Baklappetje made a skin based off of this! 8D
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Ah... the memories. uwu
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TG: Hey, Adven! It's me, from Minecraft Aperture. Great to see you!
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nice imagiantion on this!
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Omg you have a enderman blog on tumbler!!! I love endermen cause their so adorable ^3^ :3
Malliya's avatar
Haha yes, Endermen are the best! :D
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Q wQ I saw your Tumblr of this Ender, his story made me sad. It's lovely though! Keep up the good work!
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Ah thank you! :blush:
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>w< I'm abstracttheworld on Tumblr. :D Come ask me something sometime~!
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Wait... a charater with bandages? BANDAGES?! BANDAGES!?!?!?
My good sir you just won a Fav and Watch!
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Wow, this would make an awesome character for an animated series or machinima. Nice job!
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That would be pretty awesome, thanks! :D
Scruffy-Stevie's avatar
No problem, thanks for the fav :D
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I used to be an Enderman like you.

By the way, nice drawing. Really looks like something that Notch could put into the game somehow.

Maybe an unnamed adventurer in the End.
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"...but then I took an arrow to the left eye..."
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Cool idea.He looks like he's been through a lot
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