The Unseen Stock - June (ll)

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I hope you enjoy these underappreciated stock photos as much as I do! :love:
If you like the journal please add it to your favourites so more people can see it :hug:


  2014-06-29 Hair Today 005 by skydancer-stock BR 7 by bumimanusiastock Bedsheet Ghost 3 by The-Lionface
  Luthien Tinuviel 8 by Anariel-Stock Stock - Pink Fairy by Apsara-Stock Only small by stockmichelle <da:thumb id="461469973"/>
Valkyrie 02 by Fuchsfee-Stock Stock - Black  gold Vampire Queen Faun Demon 18 by S-T-A-R-gazer
Lormet-Renaissance-perform-001101sml by Lormet-Images STOCK - Pink Glamour by Apsara-Stock Musketeer 5 by kirilee <da:thumb id="464210745"/> <da:thumb id="464437506"/>
Pisqah Green Wizard 2011-05-24 67 by skydancer-stock Snow Princess Stock 3 by kayleeehall Little Wizardess Preview by RachgracehStock Tangled 2 by kirilee <da:thumb id="462764549"/>

Stock by devious-stock Sitting 2 by AryieaStock Apoc-Survivor (3) by anyman82 Killer 07 *STOCK* by aleexdee

  Untitled by cassyuiu Sunset 5 by wollibear sky by LadyEloise <da:thumb id="461137479"/>
Sunset 3 by wollibear <da:thumb id="461138042"/> BG Scotland 13 by andrakis75 Nature 271 tree by Dreamcatcher-stock

<da:thumb id="462455995"/> Zakynthos082 by kismuntr <da:thumb id="461207191"/> Let it be by mickeyrony
Kjerag 2 by Castlemoor-stock Landscape of frost by Castlemoor-stock Sunset 2 by JStockart Mountain lake III by dani221
Yunnan10 by alais-stock Sunset by JStockart Field Sunset by xxtgxxstock
tree trunk 06 by NellyGraceNG
Michigan's Upper  Peninsula Five by GhostlyHallow Ocean Sunset Beach Landscape Stock Photo 0060 by annamae22 Gagetown waterfall 1 by LucieG-Stock stock park... pack by mirandaarts
<da:thumb id="463213271"/> Dunes by xxtgxxstock <da:thumb id="464485591"/> Starfield by alkhor
Pastel sky by dani221
The Raptured Sky by Charlene-Art Cavity by cendredelune Forest of GROS-MORNE by A1Z2E3R Eire Stock (25) by Brizzolatto55
 Beach 16 by GraphicsKiwi Clouds from above7 by Skudde-Textures Overgrown Path - Foliage 01 by kuschelirmel-stock
Clouds 13 by lonermade Dark Skies by Darkwalk12  15614 by ashfaaa

Architecture & Other Backgrounds

 Spanish Doors Set by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK
Glenn Dale Hospital Childrens Nurses Home by ticklemeimsexy
Church 02 by cemacStock  Old farm house VII by dani221 <da:thumb id="462637946"/>  Urban wasteland by joelshine-stock
188 by MASYON Kirna manor 17 by MASYON Castle on the sea by Altair-E-Stock Castle Marienburg 4 by wollibear

BG Scotland 9 by andrakis75 Rhuddlan castle, Wales by buttercupminiatures Ruined Country House by fuguestock gazebo/bandstand stock by L-A-Addams-Art
<da:thumb id="461259188"/>  DSC00583ps Petworth House by VIRGOLINEDANCER1 Abandoned Villa 1 by bhorwat Old house/barn/background stock 3 by BeccaB323 
Cemetery 15 by cemacStock
<da:thumb id="462915119"/> <da:thumb id="463081256"/> Sun Temple I - STOCK IMAGE by Karinta DSC00944 St. Cynog's Church, Ystradgunlais by VIRGOLINEDANCER1
Untitled by lysanne26721 Dussen Castle 2 by Poulus1967 Eire Stock 03 by Brizzolatto55 Dussen Castle 6 by Poulus1967
STOCK Houses in Amsterdam by Inilein
Old Building/Garage/Background Stock by BeccaB323 Water Wheel House by krissybdesignsstock Bridge1 by lovesmp Photo of Angkor Wat Template by environment-textures
Temple by dani221 Stock: Maulbronn Monastery by artphilia247 Places 550 abandoned house by Dreamcatcher-stock BG Scotland 11 by andrakis75

Places 539 by Dreamcatcher-stock Stock: Maulbronn Monastery by artphilia247 Places 534 by Dreamcatcher-stock Stock - Abandoned 1 by cfowler7-SFM Stock: Maulbronn Monastery by artphilia247
Old Barn/Field/Background stock 5 by BeccaB323 bridge by netbandit 007 Night Lights by ashfaaa Just for a walk by mickeyrony
Rose Garden By Cindysart-stock by CindysArt-Stock
Fireworks XVI by ChristophMaier Premade BG Desertland 2 by E-DinaPhotoArt scrapyard fire 23 by Topaz172 Bubbles Stock 01 by NellyGraceNG
Fire 2 by wollibear Mayo field Winter by Iron-Chicken Cabo da Roca 2 by JStockart
Summer Stock Set by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK


Snake - 1 by AivisV Sparrow by Poulus1967 Tortoise stock 1 by Elsapret
Dragonfly - Stock by SerenaDream Chipmunk1 by debzdezigns-lamb68 Locust Stock (Premium Content Available) by SpiderMilkshake White Peacock by GypsyMidnight
Butterfly Stock 23 by NellyGraceNG
Blue! by Danika-Stock 2014 - Snow leopard 32 by Lena-Panthera Common Morphos by Tanyuuu <da:thumb id="464434701"/>
Latte 005 by NotoriousStock <da:thumb id="464201992"/> Butterfly Stock 24 by NellyGraceNG

Black snail of Martinique island in MONTAGNE PELEE by A1Z2E3R Butterfly 01 by CD-STOCK Mendy 001 by Wolkuuz Elephant Stock by beks8385
Stock - Toad by rockgem Butterfly Stock 20 by NellyGraceNG Squirrel22 Stock by Redherc46 Young pelophylax esculentus 1 by FuriarossaAndMimma


Stone pile by dani221
 Clock by gestandene statue stock 3 by LightNDark25 Garden chair from East Riddlesdon Hall JPG by superlibbie Bottle -Stock- 4 by SvartHeks-Stock
Mohn Stock 03 by NellyGraceNG
  Suitcases by YBsilon-Stock by YBsilon-Stock Football II (Stock) by KarvinenStock Standard with Book by FrankAndCarySTOCK <da:thumb id="463844817"/>
<da:thumb id="451495725"/> locomotive 2 by wollibear Old Rusty Stock by tntrekabulator Pink rose by immortaljellyfish00
Plant 02 by GraphicsKiwi Old Car by wollibear
Pink Roses by Darkwalk12
Cord-Stock 38 by Hoangvanvan Stone2 By Cindysart-stock by CindysArt-Stock Skull stock 12 by Micky009 Old Locomotive 2 By Cindysart-stock by CindysArt-Stock
Holy Water Font by FrankAndCarySTOCK Vase I by dani221 colonne Morris 4 by Jules171 Perfume bottle 01 by NellyGraceNG Light post/Lamp/Street light Stock by BeccaB323
Stock- Gypsy Witch Spell Box 6 by AmberSeree
  Stock - Rose with water drops 2 by hallonsmurfen Lupe 3 by gestandene Flowers of Martinique in the rain 3 by A1Z2E3R
  random stock 2 by LightNDark25 16 by MASYON Bottle -Stock- 7 by SvartHeks-Stock


 Concrete Texture Unprocessed by kuschelirmel-stock
The Green and The Blue by CD-STOCK
blob of light streaks3 by photogooroo Watercolors on Pavement II by AliyahZoe-Stock Light Art (4) by LeenaHill
railway by BVFoto
  Digital Art Texture 182 by mercurycode light experiment I by mimose-stock La Gruta 04 Exclusive Texture by CD-STOCK <da:thumb id="461236784"/>
From Hell by CD-STOCK Premium Texture Set by CD-STOCK

My own latest stock

Altschlossfelsen Stock 01 by Malleni-Stock Gerbil Stock 04 by Malleni-Stock
Altschlossfelsen Stock 63 by Malleni-Stock
Bird Stock 083 by Malleni-Stock Altschlossfelsen Stock 27 by Malleni-Stock Frog Stock 03 by Malleni-Stock Parrot Stock 07 by Malleni-Stock
Altschlossfelsen Stock 64 by Malleni-Stock Bird Stock 086 by Malleni-Stock

Yesterday one of my stock photos was featured as a Daily Deviation :happybounce:
It was this photo of my vacation in Croatia:

Croatia  Stock 155 by Malleni-Stock
It was featured by dear Elandria, THANK YOU SO MUCH! La love
If you don't know her amazing photos yet please go check out her gallery,
she is such a wonderful model and photographer :heart:

Argentum Caeli 039 by Elandria
Creeping Tears 171 by Elandria Remnant by Elandria

Other stuff

Summer, Sun and Fun - Challenge- is closed        Theme : Summer, Sun & Fun - Challenge
The challenge is closed. Thanks so much to all participants, who send me so lovely entries. Wow!   They are all unbelievable beautiful and all fit to the theme so great. :love: All judges will have a lot of fun to look at and we will have a hard voting. :omgomg: 
I returned from my holidays to the Canary Islands. I brought back some stocks, but not so many, I relaxed a lot and enjoyed the sun and the silence in my hotel. I´m sad that the week is over, but it was so wonderful for me. I will post some new stocks soon. Most I took from the dunes of Maspalomas (Gran Canaria), the sea and plants :D
And on
  Providing Stock+Resources - A Beginners Guide Pt02This is Part 2 of Providing Stock+Resources - A Beginners Guide. It is aimed at resource providers new and old - I'm trying to give some tips and pointers based on my experience both as a stocker and a photomanipulator. If you have anything to add (maybe you have an example from your own gallery I could insert - pretty please?), feel free to comment, I still feel like I forgot soooo much ^^; Any other comments are of course welcome as well. I hope this helps at least some :heart:
>>What you will find in this guide:
Part 01: Introduction incl. Note on Copyright
Part 02: What should I put online? incl. Subject Choice | Dealing with Abuse | Technical Basics for Stock Images | Lighting setup | Tips and tricks on getting the most out of your camera | Post-processing images [you are reading it]
Part 03: Stock Rules incl. Where t
  Talking About Legitimate Resources... AND How to Verify Them!
To Start With PLEASE Read:

deviantART Groups Two Good Groups to Check for Unrestricted, as well as Legitimate Stock Resources Are:
:iconunrestricted-world: and :iconlegitimate-stock:
On my Profile Page, Beneath the ID, is a List of Unrestricted Stock Providers I am Aware of.

To get a lot of Stock Updates, Watch:
The Group's Latest Update:
Shameless Self-Promotion of Groups I Admin that are Either Stock-Related or Contain a Stock Folder:

:iconfantasy-stock-group: :iconjoint-stock: :iconstock-for-premades: :iconholidays: :icondevnews: :iconwingit-stock: :iconmindspan: :iconclear-cut:

Stock Goodies from my Favorites' Folders!

:iconfairytalestock: :iconwinterresources: :iconanimal-stocks:

A rose de porcelaine for LENI by A1Z2E3R

That's it for now.
Have a wonderful week!


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Thank you very much! :-)
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Thank you very much for including 'Church 02' and 'Cemetery 02' in this amazing feature. A little late but none the less very much appreciated :heart:
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Such a wonderful feature !!! Thank you very much Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-04 (Heart Dance) [V1]
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bouncing octopus by MenInASuitcase  Thank you for featuring me with this wonderful  stock!!  Raining Hearts by Twisted-Scissors  
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