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Stock - Sugarskull los dias de muertos pose by S-T-A-R-gazer Gothic Girl - Stock 4 by Rosenrot-Photography 2015-11-23 WR Red 20 by skydancer-stock Stock - Gothic Steampunk woman look back by S-T-A-R-gazer
STOCK_Parachute3 by Bellastanyer-STOCK
Velvet 08 by LadyxBoleyn gothic fantasy stock by MadaleySelket 2015-11-23 Elder Painter 11 by skydancer-stock
The Red Queen of Hearts 24 by MajesticStock Vanessa 12 by kirilee Princess purple 2 by Tris-Marie
2015-11-23 WR Sage 16 by skydancer-stock
Bella 28 by RachgracehStock Witch 1 by Panopticon-Stock Ali 35 by Kassmir Ali 8 by Kassmir

winter beach stock 21 by elixire-stock Rock Totems by eleutheria-stock Stock 132 (White) by Einheit00
Forest Bokeh 3 by eleutheria-stock Waterfall Stock by Aredelsaralonde
Red Rock Canyon Stock 12 by firenze-design
Sunset by catelee2u Olavinlinna castle 2, unrestricted stock by MariaLoikkii
Blue Morning by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Earth Rampart by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK
Wave smashing on rocks by A1Z2E3R
Ocean Sunset Stock by little-spacey  Ice by YBsilon-Stock by YBsilon-Stock
Stalactite Cave II by YBsilon-Stock by YBsilon-Stock
Untitled by Jean3071 Sky V2... by Dark-Indigo-Stock
Untitled by Yoyfer
Sunset sky 13  STOCK by AStoKo by AStoKo
Stock131 by Einheit00 Forest 12 by landkeks-stock Red Rock Canyon Stock 7 by firenze-design
Burning Coal 12 by kuschelirmel-stock Cinderellas Castle-Garden by YBsilon-Stock by YBsilon-Stock Logs and fireplace - free to use by Kibblywibbly

Places 744 castle by Dreamcatcher-stock Empty Room Stock by little-spacey

Door-24 by gestandene Haunted House Stock by little-spacey Window Light Stock-2 by little-spacey
Ancient greek temple 02 by artori-stock
Cloisters by Bonjour46 Calke Abbey by fuguestock Salt Mine #1 exterior #00025 CC Free Stock by PeterKmiecik
Central Park Tunnel by firenze-design Gariotte by Bonjour46 New York Skyline 2 by firenze-design

Places 737 by Dreamcatcher-stock Castle Front Premade IMG 2716 by TheStockWarehouse Landscape 73 by MASYON

Kitten by LucieG-Stock Squirrel 4 by AsiaAndEric-Stock Young red cats 1 by FuriarossaAndMimma Guadelupian snail by A1Z2E3R
Fallow Deer STOCK by KijaniKinyonga
Frog Stock 4 of 5 by Lovely-DreamCatcher Daisy The Duck Stock 2 of 4 by Lovely-DreamCatcher
Pinocchio by YBsilon-Stock by YBsilon-Stock Vase by Teenu-Stock Weihnachtsbaum by Stille-Wasser Key 18 by gestandene
Yellow lilies by MariaLoikkii
Ifi's stock flowers 3 by IfispiritStock Hogweed by Elmininostock
Organs and Offal #1 by RazorbackMoth-Stock Mushroom12 by ML5J
Gingerbread house by Fran-photo
Water Pump 3 by fuguestock A Christmas Lamppost IMG 2727 by WDWParksGal-Stock  Victorian Time by PzychoStock

Marble texture deepgrounduk by deepgrounduk Cookie90 by jojo22 Design 181 s6 by dormantparadox
Cookie86 by jojo22
Premade texture 01 by artori-stock texture 12 by yellowicous-stock Digital Texture Artwork 307 by mercurycode

Santa's home - contest (CLOSED)

Reindeer Divider
It's time for a new contest!
The days are getting colder and slowly we are all getting into the christmas spirit - so I thought it's time to announce a new contest!
This time the theme is:
"Santa's home":
Where does Santa live?
Does he live alone, or is he married and lives with his wife?
Maybe with his reindeers or christmas elves?
Does he live in a cozy cottage or in a modern villa?
How does he prepare for christmas eve?
How does he like to spend his free time?
Maybe he isn't the friendly old man we think he is?
Show me how YOU imagine the place where Santa lives!
christmas wave
The simple rules
Holidays your entry must be a photomanipulation Holidays
Holidays your entry must be a new work created for the contest  Holidays

Maybe you know the historical drama tv series "Vikings"
inspired by the Sagas of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok
or saw the comedy film "Erik the Viking" written and directed by Terry Jones,
or you have read already the "Edda" and you are fascinated by norse mythology.

The legends and tales are a common heritage of German,
Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon peoples.
The Norse creation myth tells how everything came into existence

in the gap between fire and ice,
  A Christmas Contest - CONTEST CLOSED!Christmas Contest
It has been a long time since I have been able to host a new contest or challenge so I thought it may be fun to host one for Christmas.
This Christmas Contest will be a bit different than my previous challenges. For this contest, there is no one required stock photo that you must use. Instead, you can choose from any of our Christmas themed stocks, even choosing more than one if you wish.
You are welcome to use any additional stock from my gallery, and any other deviant's stock gallery, as well. You are not limited to using only stock found within the Christmas Themed Stock folder.
There will be two winners, one of my choosing and one chosen by popular vote via a poll when the contest has ended. Depending on the number of entries, I may choose honorable mentions, as well.
:bulletred: You must use at le
  Stocker Off the Beaten Path 13: Dea-VestaStockers off the Beaten Path is a feature series that showcases lesser known stockers, new stockers, stockers with unique galleries, and rising stars in the stock 



  Red Riding Hood 2 - female stock by Dea-Vesta 
Winter portrait 15 - female stock by Dea-Vesta
Gothic Queen 4 - female stock by Dea-Vesta Lady Death 3 - female stock by Dea-Vesta Gothic Queen 10 - female stock by Dea-Vesta
Gothic Queen - female stock by Dea-Vesta

King Kong and I contest (closed)
With  12,900 :points:
Welcome to my second contest
3 years ago, I held my first contest Draw Tom Ripley Contest in 2012 with total 39,600 :points:  That event still makes me poor but very pleased until now. =P 
In 2015, I am quite lucky in art. I won lots of points from many contests throughout the year.
Now I'm ready to hold a contest again and share 12,900 :points: to other artists.
This event is called...
Yes, the theme of this contest is about King Kong and a woman.
I believe that almost all of you have seen King Kong movies at least once from 1933, 1976 or 2005 version.
 So, this event is like 10 year anniversary for the last time we saw King Kong.
  <da:thumb id="571296992"/>    Victorian Holiday ChallengeGreetings Castle Dwellers.,,
"Victorian Holiday" (in case you couldn't quite read the title ;)
It's THAT time of year again for many of us in the Castle. Leaves are off the trees, the scenery becomes stark blacks, grays and whites. Many celebrate Christmas, Chanukah and the changing of the season. It seems a grand time for getting out our models in Victorian and/or Steampunk costumes, don't you think? So, this challenge will be about TWO things: Victorian/Steampunk imagery and models. AND, a wintry scene or "vibe." Easy, yes? Details below:
Hello Artists of the Castle...
:bulletred: The requirement for this challenge will be to show us a manip that includes at least one model wearing either Victorian or Steampunk clothing. If you choose Victorian you are not limited to "wealthy" looking people. Dickens' shared many characters who were NOT wealthy in his book "A Christmas Carol." You MAY use a 3D image, but consider that the more artistic effort that goes into your artwork-the more like

Christmas Carol

Broken wings by Malleni-Art Calm before the storm by Malleni-Art November by Malleni-Art

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