The Unseen Stock - April (II)

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Black Rose Portrait 6 by Amliel 2015-10-19 Jurassic Escape 45 by skydancer-stock Tinkerbell (13) by TinaLouiseUk
Undead Mistress 2 by MajesticStock Cyber Noir 49 by Random-Acts-Stock Elven 7 by Tris-Marie Egyptian girl by RavienneArt

Kida by Tris-Marie White Raven 2012-12-02 135 by skydancer-stock Stock - Gothic woman vampire red wall pose 1 by S-T-A-R-gazer Lantern 2 by EvilHateYouAllStock
Blood Soaked 13 by MajesticStock Falcon and his handler 2 by scarach82
Robbie 5 by Vandart-Stock
Stock Model Female 2 by Ariel87-Stock Red Shirt and Soft Pant 4 by sathak610 Lace by FrancescaAmyMaria Helissa 91 by MASYON
Black Lace by FrancescaAmyMaria Coco Candyfloss (16) by TinaLouiseUk Stock - Steampunk railroad trip look away by S-T-A-R-gazer Something Dark Exclusive 1 by Tris-Marie
Waterfall Aerial View Stock Photo DSC 0026 by annamae22
Lake 04 by Pagan-Stock Cloudscape 06 by kuschelirmel-stock Stock Place 139 by Ariel87-Stock
LAKE2 by MASSTROSS21 FIRE by MASSTROSS21 The Woods Stock 1516 by new-horizon-stock
Paysage2 by Flore-stock
sky 45 by Pagan-Stock Lormet-Beach-0238sml2 by Lormet-Images
Forest Stock 53 by Sed-rah-Stock Stock Place 145 by Ariel87-Stock Green Lake Styria by bgviper Hidding Spot by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK
Petra stock 17 by Aqua-Stock
Beach Stock Photo IMG 8412 by annamae22 amongst the willows by jennomat Untitled by Aqua-Stock
Seascape Stock 05 April 2016.. by AledJonesDigitalArt FB Lake Ponchy by CharlieA-Stock Magnolia 04 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK

Landscape20 by stock-refugium Clouds 4 by JewelsStock Karksi 233 by MASYON
Landscape36 by stock-refugium Guadeloupian waterfall for Lachezar Birthday by A1Z2E3R Forest Stock 51 by Sed-rah-Stock Rocks V by Arts-of-Cendrayliss
UNRESTRICTED Fiery Sunset Over Field Stock 2 by little-spacey
WATER on the ROCKS by FOTOSHOPIC Spring Meadow 01 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Giant Tree Roots Stock Photo 0150 Orig by annamae22
Palm trees and pond by A1Z2E3R Sedona 116 by AwesomeStock
Mountainside 11 by Pagan-Stock
Misty River Stock by AfarStock Untitled by skyrefs lake by pureshack
Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge 3275 by MajkaHarolds Crying stone and philodondron by A1Z2E3R The Woods Stock 1515 by new-horizon-stock Las Pozas Waterfall Stock by little-spacey
april rain III by amka-stock
Mountains - Stock 1 by EloieeStock Solar Eclipse by mouthmango Sea and rocks I by Arts-of-Cendrayliss
Rocks by honeybee469 Passage (Petra) 1 by Aqua-Stock
Jungle Waterfall Ruins Background by little-spacey
Stock Place 146 by Ariel87-Stock Clouds 02 by Creamydigital
Fairy Forest 16 - Trackway by fuguestock Landscape10 by stock-refugium Waterfall Aerial View Stock Photo DSC 0043 by annamae22
Gilmerton Goods Corner - Front 1 by corvidius The tower 01 by Wilvarin-dur Leuchtturm by Civetta70
Stock 0028 - Wooden House by Niverdia-stock
Fairytales 54 RESTRICTED by Elandria Wooden Bridge Stock by AfarStock Gilmerton Goods Corner - Side Wall Graffitti by corvidius Munich59 by stock-refugium
Not So Alien 08 UNRESTRICTED by Elandria
Stock 0029 - Carved wood window by Niverdia-stock FB Tunnel by CharlieA-Stock Stock Place 143 by Ariel87-Stock

Fairytales 21 RESTRICTED by Elandria Stock Place 142 by Ariel87-Stock Fairy Forest 13 - Steps by fuguestock Elk's Head Stock 40 by new-horizon-stock
Fairytales 36 RESTRICTED by Elandria Old Door Stock 02 by AfarStock Olesa De Montserrat Spain 02 by mossaabdaoui
Church 3 by Civetta70 Wood- Branchs Ground Stock Photo 0337 by annamae22 Wayland Smithy Tomb 2 by Quoth-Raven
Blue Dumpster Garbage Can Stock Photo 0145 by annamae22 Fairytales 20 RESTRICTED by Elandria Fairytales 33 RESTRICTED by Elandria Fairytales 07 UNRESTRICTED by Elandria
Wolf Standing Profile Stock by WildberryPassion Fish by Fotostyle-Schindler Goose by Fotostyle-Schindler
Lion by Fotostyle-Schindler
Falconry 13 by PirateLotus-Stock Cat Kiss by Stockingbird Snowy Owl 9 by CastleGraphics
Vulture, sitting by scarach82 Peacock3 by stock-refugium grey andalusian backside 2 by Nexu4
Pelican by Fotostyle-Schindler
andalusian horse standing grey white png precut by Nexu4 Meerkat by Fotostyle-Schindler Get the girls by BetaDraconis Horse 405 by AlaskanStock
Wolf Looking Sideways Walking Stock by WildberryPassion Geese _ Gaense by BVFoto  Dsc0986 by hey-stardust
Holsteiner 30 by Lynxieee
Goose by Fotostyle-Schindler Bear by Fotostyle-Schindler MNZ 1 by CastleGraphics
Conch Shell Stock 1 by Alliton green substance in flask by KyKisan
Much room under the magic mushroom by otherunicorn-stock
Decorating 17 by KittenPersida
Plants15 by stock-refugium Creepy Knife by YBsilon-Stock by YBsilon-Stock
Candles by stock-refugium Rainbow Treat 9 by Windthin Snail shell by stock-refugium
Plants16 by stock-refugium
Rusty wheelbarrow by stock-refugium Gold and Silver Fob Watch Back by aldona21 Rose 3 by severata
Couch 01 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Tulips and Gems by JewelsStock Rusty Gate with Spikes by YBsilon-Stock by YBsilon-Stock
teddy bear by thommas68
Forest Well 1 by fuguestock Forest Trolls by YBsilon-Stock by YBsilon-Stock Abounded Fridge by GhostlyHallow Silver Rocking Horse by aldona21
Stock-mon 00846 by stock-mon Sun by YBsilon-Stock
Fairytales 16 UNRESTRICTED by Elandria
Starfish Stock 1 by Alliton Old chest by FeriAnimations
Texture 166 by Voyager168 Dry stone wall by Elmininostock Texture 168 by Voyager168
water texture 05 by Pagan-Stock
rusty sky by synesthesea the hand that feeds by synesthesea texture 19 by yellowicous-stock TextCha12 by jojo22
D. Gleeson Texture Stock by redwolf518stock Textur 1522 by gestandene A. Daniels Texture Stock by redwolf518stock


Gender bender - Contest - CLOSED
    Traducción al español del desafío de: / Spanish translation of the challenge of: Gender Bender (link)

♦ Mythology / Fairy Tale / Folklore.

what do you have to do:
♦ One Gender Bender character.
♦ This includes Human characters and Animals.

what you have to show in your entry:
♦ You will choose a character from any Mythology / Fairy Tale / Folklore. (worldwide)
♦ You can choose some of the region/country that you live in this way you will represent something more creative, with a not well-known story. (famous stories are also welcome.)
♦ Simply reverse the genres, this includes all the characters in the story (partners, secondary characters, etc).
Are you walking through the forest and did you see them, 
the strange and hidden population of the forest?
Are they giant or dwarfish, cute or to dread?
Show us your mysterious folk in the forest.

Our theme is

"Mysterious Folk In The Forest"

- The  Habitants  -
Create an artwork about the mysterious folk.
E.g. you can show them by their own,
in the place where they live, with their houses, what they do.
But always you have to show an inhabitant in your work.
Do it in a unique and creative way.

<strong align="center">
My First ConstestI decided to make my first contest because I felt attracted by the possibility of encouraging my watchers to submit their works in this gallery to be evaluated by friends. I also have the purpose of disclosing some stocks that I find very interesting.
Required Stocks
You should choose one of these models
Additional stocks
You can choose one of these backgrounds (not mandatory choice of backgrounds, only suggestion)

First - 3 exclusive wings of my Premium Stock and 200 points Points 
Second - 2 exclusive wings of my premium stock and 100 points


:iconsupernatural-art: :iconall-artists: :iconhighqualityart: :iconpsychoartistunited:

He said eternity..

Hold on tight,
As we say our last goodbyes
And this is, a moment that changes our whole lives.
So here we are,
This is the end,
But all that dies
Is born again...
The scars will still remain
From the ashes, I will rise again.
In this Moment.

EVANESCENCE - Going under
To resume, why, how or when was has this child succumb to her/his destiny, was it a promise? a temptation? maybe a higher power choice?
Choose your fav description of a Fallen child and portray as you wish, all visual art is accepted. It does not Has to be a Angel, it can be any character you like. Explain why is a fallen one, have fun!
Art in Emotion ChallengeUPDATE 
We are extending the DEADLINE for "the Art in Motion Challenge" to 31 MAY 2016. We really want to see more entries.
Please read the theme, isn't hard. Anyway, if you have difficulty understanding the video, read the lyrics of the song.
"Motion" on this challenge means to the emotional changes, moods and love.

Hallo members!
Now we start our first Art challange and it is called "Art in motion".
The challange will continue for one month until mars 31. I hope some of you want 
We look forward to see your art submition to the folder "Art in Emotion Challenge 
Let's start!
For this month only:
To enter our Challenge "Art in motion" you must follow these rules:
1- Join our group
2- Read all rules about this contest and accept it
3- Participate, only one work for deviant
4- Stocks from dA only
5- If the art is photomanipulation or mixed media its needed give credit all 
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Misc Architecture Stock 039 by Malleni-Stock Texture 237 by Malleni-Stock Forest Stock 145 by Malleni-Stock

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