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gebruik het voor een fotobewerking
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I used this image here Christmas Above and Below

Many thanks :dance:
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Hmmm, and this is not from a museum?
Want to use the drawing commercially, maybe. Must know that before... :)
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It is from a museum :>
resMENSA's avatar
I took another fish...
Museum stuff is nearly useless IMO, interesting stuff, definitely, but...
You never know, if you want to use it commercially in the future...
And then it´s just annoying!!
Malleni-Stock's avatar
That's true. I must change the rules for my older photos - back then I just uploaded everything, didn't really think about it. :shrug:
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LOL - started earnestly thinking about this topic about 2 month ago...

Half of my stock is stored, therefore... must be checked.... and I wrote some journals about that.
But there are some leaks left, I´m sure!
Didn´t even know about the Museum-complication. ...
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Thank you for the use of your stock.  I used it HERE

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Hello! Thank you for this great stock image.
I took
it for a picture:…
Hope you like it. :) (Smile)
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Aquarium, or flying fish? :-)
Malleni-Stock's avatar
Flying fish of course, what did you think ? :lol:
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