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Fire Fennec

Used here, thank you ! :D

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Wow, he looks like a real life Pokemon!
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Thanks so much for providing this wonderful image!
I used it here in a contest

Forest Quest by DesignStash
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Thanks for posting. 
This helped with Politicophobia And Eco-Anxiety, for Your Deepest Fear Contest!, hosted by DA-Lovers.


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Used here  Walk through the dust by NaouriRedouane1998  Thank you so much ! 
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I want one fennecs are my favorate
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They sure are cute :la:
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Thank you for this!
Anatomy Practice by ethanoI
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Ive used your stock here!…

Thanks!! <3
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Thanks for the stock, you have been credited and will continue to be credited!

 Fairy City by bschu
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Would it be alright in animations if the image was used as a reference to the drawings and for it being inspirations behind the project? Because i really like your photos and they are really useful for the certain scenes i wanted to do. I guess its silly to ask this after reading the rules, but, i am still feeling unclear if its only for something involving the use of the actual stock, but not for just having it as a reference to anything besides photoshop, like for flash animations, illustrations, cartoons and such. Or the avatar you are using?

 just want to be aware if i were to use a series of stocks, or atleast one in some part of the animation. Im sorry if i am too unclear because, i can hardly explain what i mean but, its something i had in my head for a while.
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I'm not sure if I got it right, but of course you can use it as a reference for drawings etc - you don't have to manipulate the photo itself. BUT you may not upload the original photo somewhere.  I hope that helps !? :confused:
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^^; i think i got it. Sorry, But thank you by the way. :)
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Thanks so much for sharing! Used here: Bedtime Stories
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Used your stock here! Thank you very much!
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Hi, I used this image in my photomanipulation here:…
Thanks! :D
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soo süüüß :aww:
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what a cute little fu ... fella :)
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