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ForceXtended Rainmeter Skin

By mallchin
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This is a fork from the original ForceX System Monitor by ForceX34.

I've re-written this from the ground up updating it for use with the latest version of Rainmeter and adding some new features.

Feedback, comments and patches welcome!


Thanks to all the downloads so far -- I really hope you like it!


2015-11-01 - v4.0.0 

 * Major re-write of codebase
 * New AudioLevels module
 * New GPU module
 * New MediaPlayer module
 * New System module
 * New font for improved readability
 * Merged Memory and Swap modules
 * Now supports 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 cores/threads
 * Now supports multiple drives
 * Now supports Celcius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin temperatures
 * Many other fixes

2012-05-07 - v3.0.0

Forked from the original ForceX System Monitor by ForceX34.

 * Re-written from the ground up
 * Updated for the latest version of RainMeter
 * Numerous features added
© 2012 - 2021 mallchin
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Sorry to do this after so long, but is there a reason or fix for my GPU only showing 4GB instead of 8?

this looks so very


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God damn this looks so nice!
In order to get Wifi to work after upgrading to Windows 10, I had to patch this meter again. In the Wi-fi.ini file change the [SSID] measure to the following:

IfCondition=(SSIDQuality = 0)
IfTrueAction=[!HideMeterGroup "SSIDDetails"][!HideMeterGroup "SSIDGraph"][!SetOption SSIDConnectivityIcon ImageTint "#COLOUR12#"][!SetOption SSIDString Text "[not connected]"][!UpdateMeter SSIDConnectivityIcon]]
IfFalseAction=[!ShowMeterGroup "SSIDDetails"][!ShowMeterGroup "SSIDGraph"][!SetOption SSIDConnectivityIcon ImageTint "#COLOUR9#"][!SetOption SSIDString Text "%1"][!UpdateMeter SSIDConnectivityIcon]
Any guess as to why my Top Process wouldn't be displayed?

As a ~6 year ForceX User, THANK YOU!
First, thank you very much for this great skin :)

Could you help me for wifi? (SSID: [not connected])
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Sleek skin.
Personal favorite.

Issue that I am having:
     With GPU module
          Error: Plugin: Unable to load "MSIAfterburner.dll" (error 126)

    Rainmeter Version 3.3
     ForceXtended v4.0.0
     MSIAfterburner.dll (x64)
     Windows 8.1 Pro
     Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M 8GB

Pasted all the refactored text mentioned here in the GPU.ini.
Not sure how to troubleshoot this issue.
Would really appreciate some help.
Thanks many in advance.
Great job on this skin! Up until now I have been using the original ForceX Skin (I liked the styling of the ForceXtended skin better but preferred the functionality of the original). The changes you have made in recent times have truly swayed me over.
My only gripe is something that has come from the original skin. The CPU Frequency doesn't rise above 4001MHz hindering my ability to see if my overclock is functioning correctly.
Any way of fixing this would be greatly appreciated.
Once again thankyou for making this epic skin!
Thanks -- great to hear positive feedback!

I'll take a look at the CPU frequency issue; should be easily fixable! :)
Hey man, First off, excellent excellent work! I absolutely love this, but I do have 2 problems, if you could help me with, that would be awesome.

- My GPU, I have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 from Gigabyte, however, this is showing a GeForce GTX 980 Strix, I copy and pasted into the GPU.ini what was suggested below, and it didn't change over, nor is it showing my usage percentage, Temp, or Memory usage, any way to fix that?

-Secondly, it's not showing my CPU Temperture at all, is there any way to fix that as well?

Again, this is an awesome skin, and I love it, any help with my two issues would be absolutely awesome, if not, so be it, I still love the skin set.

Keep up the good work! And hope to see more of your great work!
Thanks, I really appreciate the feedback.

  1) The GPU name is set manually using the GPU_NAME option in  I find it more helpful setting manually rather than pulling out the long names some cards give.  The other GPU values require the following to be installed:

  - MSI Afterburner:…
  - M
SIAfterburner Rainmeter Plugin:…

  2) The CPU temp requires the following to be installed:

  - SpeedFan:

Hope that helps! :)
best skin ever....
having problem with dual band network card.
shows ip but not download/uploads speeds

Driver update fixed the graphic. just not showing local ip. (not bother tho)
Thanks :)

Have you tried editing the INTERFACE setting in
Thanks for updating it is the best rainmeter 
I managed to fix the GPU monitor section. Replace the contents of GPU.ini with this:

The only thing I havent been able to figure out is how to make Foobar2000 work with the media player section. Any ideas?

Edit: Fixed that as well. It seems that MediaPlayer.ini doesn't actually use the setting from Manually setting the [Title] measure's PlayerName to your media player in mediaplayer.ini should fix it.
Thanks -- I've fixed MediaPlayer not using the proper config setting.

What issue(s) were you having with the GPU monitor?
The GPU monitor was broken entirely for me. I had to manually rename all the labels to get it to work at all, but now it's fine with my changed config!
Great.  It had worked for me but your fix will help others -- thanks!
Megaphone Version 4.0.0 available for download!
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Hey, I added 8 core support for this skin along with some tweaks suggested by Psieonic:

* Quad, Hex and Oct CPU Core support (ONLY 8 CORE SUPPORT AT THIS TIME)
Multi-core support should be a given. If you really want to impress people, you could even write some Lua script to automatically display a bar for each core.

* CPU Clock Speed update rate
Change to UpdateDivider=1 under [CPU1ClockRateString]. With the prevalency of CPUs with dynamic clock rate adjustment to improve thermal output, clock rates change almost constantly.

* Dynamic scaling on the Network line graph
Just remove MaxValue=#SpeedD# from TCPin and TCPOut. Makes more sense than asking everyone to reconfigure it manually. Especially if you're on a LAN with other machines.

I hope that this is okay with mallchin

(original work by ForceX System Monitor by ForceX34. & this skin by Mallchin) 

GitHub: Link 

PS: I take no responsibility if this breaks anything but it seems to be working fine for me. 

*Install Instructions* 

C:\Users\*User Name*\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\
Fine by me!

I'll be pushing a new update in the coming weeks and will incorporate these suggestions (some already in GitHub version).

I last played with Lua on the PSP (Lua FileManager) but see what I can rustle up!
I've worked these back into this skin :)

  * Now supports 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 cores automatically.
  * Now refreshing CPU Clock Frequency.
  * Now dynamically scaling network graphs.
Wiggin38's avatar
Made some changes and fixes. GitHub updated. 
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