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ForceXtended Rainmeter Skin



This is a fork from the original ForceX System Monitor by ForceX34.

I've re-written this from the ground up updating it for use with the latest version of Rainmeter and adding some new features.

Feedback, comments and patches welcome!


Thanks to all the downloads so far -- I really hope you like it!


2015-11-01 - v4.0.0 

 * Major re-write of codebase
 * New AudioLevels module
 * New GPU module
 * New MediaPlayer module
 * New System module
 * New font for improved readability
 * Merged Memory and Swap modules
 * Now supports 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 cores/threads
 * Now supports multiple drives
 * Now supports Celcius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin temperatures
 * Many other fixes

2012-05-07 - v3.0.0

Forked from the original ForceX System Monitor by ForceX34.

 * Re-written from the ground up
 * Updated for the latest version of RainMeter
 * Numerous features added
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Sorry to do this after so long, but is there a reason or fix for my GPU only showing 4GB instead of 8?