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USAF Tempest Final

By Mallacore
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Here is the final model with it's running lights.
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Like an advanced version of the Prometheus.
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It's amazing! Wow!
In the best models I've seen!

By the way, did you read my Note?

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Holy mother of - how many guns does that thing have?? O.0
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~ 2 Asgard beam cannons (they are downsized from the ones the Odyssey had in unending at about 1/4 - 1/2 the power). They are fixed forward.
~ 4 heavy pulse cannons turrets.
~ 10 railguns
~ 16 missle bays with 2 missiles each.
Would it not be 12 rail guns
as there are 6 turets on each side???
or are they not rail guns im looking at?
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wow. . .thats a lot of cheese holes in someone else's ship. . .
So the tempest is an up scale version of the promethous cool does it come with a hangar?
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3 small bays. 2 on each side of the ship and one at the top front facing the bridge.
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Wow. Great work =D

The only thing missing is fore/aft views. But :fav: anyway =D
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You're welcome:D
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Definitely quite menacing and angry looking.
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this is like the prometheus and the deadalus put together on steroids...haha, awesome work.
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I guess thats the best way to sum up the design. :D
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Gorgeous! Huge and comprehensive level of detail. :wow:
I suspect that if you put this on a starfield and lit it from a solar/distant source that we'd lose most of the detail.Shame.
B5? *jumps up and down* Oooh, Starfury? a Warlock class? Minbari warship? Can't wait to see what you come up with!:dance:
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Thank you and yeah I guess space is like that.

Well I have started the ship and it's an original B5 design.
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the details are sweet ;-) how long did it take you?
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Thank you.

Well this was an off and on project but I would say about a week of total time.
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