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Stargate Size Chart 5

By Mallacore
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Tau'ri size chart 5.
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 This is an amazing way to show your Tau'ri ships. I can see the Tempest has a size (and maybe role) the Prometheus once had... or should had if it went into full-production. And the Excalibur? I bet the people in Atlantis would love to have one of those :D .

 The Ares has really grown on me, is it ok if I can make a lolw-polygon version of it? full credits will be given :) .
Mallacore's avatar
I have no issue with that as long as credits are given.
Chiletrek's avatar
 And thanks! I am of course going to credit you :happybounce: .
Great work, you deserve a job at stargate command designing spacecraft :D
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Those are awesome.  If Stargate ever has a new series you could submit these and you could be one of the special effects staff.  
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are these actual ships or your own design? (aside from the Daedalus class of course)
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Besides the Daedalus the rest are my own original designs.
ToastieSoldier's avatar
they should be official designs :)
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So what are the number designation for each ship?
What happens to the older F304? Do they under go a refit?
And finally is the Excalibur the new earth flagship and will we see more?

All these question refer to how you want the stargate universe to play out with you ship designs
are there any F302 bays in your original designs?
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Both the Tempest(smallest ship) and Excalibur(largest ship) have them.
is the ares only a heavy assault ship?
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Yes the Ares was design as a more dedicated warship.
duke-of-toilet-town's avatar
I recognize the B-303 and B-304,but are the other two original?
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There is only a 304 in the image the rest are my original designs.
Excalibur, Ares, and Tempest.
duke-of-toilet-town's avatar
oh the first one looks like Prometheus.they all look cool
so, where are the beam weapons at?
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Short answer, all over the place. :P
The-First-Magelord's avatar
Man I'd pay some pretty decent money if only these could be made into miniatures!

Keep up the AWESOME work my friend. You are to Stargate what Amras-Arfeiniel is to Babylon 5!
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have you ever submitted any of your designs to the stargate production offices? Your ships just look like they belong there =D
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Can't say I have. For the most part I just like doing the fan thing.
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