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Stargate Daedalus Final

By Mallacore
Final model and texture for my Stargate Daedalus model.
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© 2007 - 2021 Mallacore
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Looks really fantastic. i can see the insane amount of work hours that must have gone into this. Great job. It's one of the best models of this awesome ship I've seen. Keep it up. :) 
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Thank you.

As a fan of the show this ship was a labour of love.
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You're welcome. 

I have no doubt about that. It's so detailed, and as far as I can see very accurate. 
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Thanks again. I definitely wanted to have a overall accurate look but I did take some liberties. I do like to work some of myself into my models. Lol
I want it too!

Is your mesh available somewhere?
Please... I want it O.o
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my favourite tauri ship :D
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Well done!!
Six years on and still amazing! Awesome work!
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It's great and so detailed. What program did you use to create it ?
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Very good looking model.
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I always wondered why SGC designed a deep-space carrier and not a battleship, yet the concept of a carrier seems to fit them. It's wierd. But nice model.
that is incredible, easily the best model i have come across for the daedalus, all your work is truly amazing!

i have been spending hours searching the net for just the right images of the daedalus, this is the closest i have found so far, and by far the best

i really need a full orthographic projection of the daedalus, ideally the full 6 view, but even just like this but with front or back view added would be incredible, i have found 1 other but the front view had it wider than the other views and therefore threw the whole thing off. any chance you could upload this with the front view (i saw one you had but it wasnt straight on the front) or direct me towards an orthographic that you used

thanks so much
wow, that is fantastic,
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Aw dude, nice. How long did it take you? I am also planning to model a BC-303 in the near future. Did you do all the textures etc.?
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From start to finish (modeling, texture mapping and light rigging.) it took about 6-7 8 hour days.
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Awesome, great detail!
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Good views of the Deadalus Mallacore ! But the long of the 2 ''pods'' aren't equal for the the top and the underside view compared with the side view of the ship... The back with the reactors unlike with the other views...

Thanks for your comprehension and greetings.
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This would be epic if someone modded it into X3TC
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Wow this is amazing do you have the model?? and where can i get it.
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This peace of art is awesome on so many levels!! ^^
dude yoou rock thats all i can say
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