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Near Future Spaceship CR1

A near future space ship based on the concept art of Lynx2174 at Spacebattles Forum. [link]
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I really enjoy this hard sci-fi design.
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Hah, Nice! :D
I love the laser turrets and missile pods :XD:

I've personally come up with some neat ideas on laser combat...
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Great and very realistic design.
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Looks a lot like NASA's concept art for the Prometheus nuclear electric propulsion probe to Pluto and Eris.
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The concept for this came from a 2d contest (we are now on the 3d part of the contest) so I'm not 100% sure but I think that may have been the inspiration in the design.
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Nice, I recognised this just from the thumbnail!
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It does have a shape thats unique.
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Nice! I was just thinking this week that I hadn't seen anything from you in a long time :P
First thought I had when I saw the mirrors was "Telescope! Hubble!" :D
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Yes, it's been awhile. lol

When it came down to the laser, I looked up a space laser concept and based it on that.
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I take it the large mirrors in the turrets at the front are lasers. Its a really nice peice of work you've done here. It would be right at home in stuff like the game 2300AD.
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That they would be and thank you. :)
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That's awesome. Nice work.
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This is pretty sweet
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