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Coloring Book Cover by Malkyru, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Traditional Art
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My Bio
~Born the year I experienced being a 15 year old sentient (unsavory) being (smart ass).
~The poster child animus
~Form I often take in the grand scheme of dreams
~ An unintentional hybrid of animals that continually crop up in stream of consciousness based doodles and reverie based lateral tangents.
~Spiritual? Esoteric... something...
~cocktail of equal parts unwholesome brain juice and melodic, right-brained picnics bathed in the blinding sun of childhood memories and unexplained deja vus.

I can't understand fully why he looks the way he does, but my best guess is that I'm some kind of seemingly feral, wanton, disgusting, zany, manic, piggy, primate bear mutant on the inside. My raw, exposed, chafed inner self also has been plagued with a parasitic side kick that lends "me" extra arms among other unsettling but useful (in my own little universe) abilities. She goes by the name "Huun" (pet name meaning "drool") and is a bat/maggot/monkey/pig sort of demonic entity that tries to merge with my horrified animus. Yeah, it's weird. With that, please don't use these guys or concepts without my permission, which you will most likely be denied, unless you are one of maybe three special and equally idiosyncratic nut balls of whom I can call collective consciousness comrades, astral plane assholes, and kinky but kind kindred aberrations, I mean, spirits.
And if you'd like to get to know Malky on a deeper level, you have to get to know me. Or browse my gallery. *shrug*


I do commissions! But I am not open at the moment :C
Please check back for openings (if you happened to stumble upon my page after bushwhacking through the dense interweb jungle and are interested in my traditional art.)
My estimate (don't hold me to this, I was born handicapped with a supremely bad concept of time) is that I will be open in ABOUT a month from this point in space time: NOT SURE (I need a break from commissions and my list is still full. SORRY.)

Any questions, just ask! I'm friendly enough. The internet hasn't transformed me into a crotchety old bastard yet.
And since my wonderfully naive and optimistic child inside, which I irresponsibly let loose on a regular basis, HASN'T shriveled up into something that looks like a dehydrated, nondescript corpse, here is my email for official (no worries, I don't quite grasp this concept either, and two thirds the internet doesn't, so I expect nothing less than random sh*t [which I rarely mind :P] no matter how I phrase this. By now you probably have noted my penchant for getting off topic) inquiries. Please be sure they are purely commission/art related, though. Art related, as in, I don't mind discussion of art as a concept and how it relates to me, you, or your mother, or even that creepy uncle we all seem to share:


Current Residence: TheHoleInYourWall
Favourite genre of music: world, new age, jazz, bossa nova, classical, blues, big band, anything that bolsters creativity and encourages me to finish something for once in my life. Current obsession: Air, Fluor, Moog Cookbook, George and Jonathan, that creepy communal uncle playing the theremin in the attic/basement.
Favourite style of art: Surrealism + DADADADADADADADADADA...+ Abstract, Primitive amalgamations.

Myers-Briggs Hype: Excited-NTP for your ENT-ertainment with a P
Enneaspam: 7w6 or 7w8 (yes, you can have both wings, and with them I take flight! WEEEE...)
Flavor Type: Regurgitated Radioactive Post-Apocalyptic Menthol with a side of Grape Fruit Gravy that Conjoined the Navy. Savory. (6-RRPAMGFCN.S)

Favourite Visual Artist
My Self
Favourite Movies
The Fly, Eternal Sunshine, The Grinch, District 9, Being John Malchovich, Burn After Reading, BUTTZ
Favourite TV Shows
Power Freakin' Rangers
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Anything that I can draw to.
Favourite Books
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
The kind where I always win
Tools of the Trade
Ballpoint pen and crayola colored pencils
Other Interests
mandrills, bears, great apes, baboons, elephants, extraterrestrials, westerns, Italian food, beer
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OKAY EDIT TIME... Looks like FF sucks for uploading stuff for some reason... at least for me. ANYWAY, you will see more uploads now that that crap is figured out.
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Had a mega crazy week, but I do intend on replying to things and getting other things in order. In the meantime, these guys escaped destruction and no one wanted anything at my show (haha surprise surprise) so they are up for grabs here. Here is a link to the bird/bunny/bear dolls and their prices: ALSO, if anyone is interested in Quinton (another survivor), I am taking offers, but I am going to have a REALLY hard time parting with him so don't be offended if I don't accept the offer. I'm actually very much tempted to keep him but I also need to pay back my more than generous mom, so depending, I m
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The art show opening went fine. Didn't sell anything as usual (lol my stuff is too weird I guess) but maybe someone might buy something over the course of the month that it's up. The show was fun though! Met and mingled with some pretty nice people. I really like the atmosphere of an art show and getting to chat with a variety of people all coming for their own reasons. Gets me really excited and junk. Been having a lot of mixed feelings about being an "artist" (I'm sure you guys know what I mean). This show will probably adjust my attitude one way or another, but not permanently. This road is twisty and turny with ups and downs galore. If I
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Thanks a lot for the visit and for staying for more! :D
You don't know how flattered I am to have ya watch me. ;D
Love your arts, especially Malkyru.
thanks for watching :)
Oh I hope you don't mind but I did some artwork based off of your style and also some copies, don't worry I credited you :)

Definitely don't mind at all! Faved and commented :> They came out so cool!
Woot! thanks :33
Let's bring on the weird!